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Hey hey :)

I've been digging around in the arcade and I've found a unit/structure hotkey trainer, a trainer for larva injects (6 hatcheries, 6 queens), and a trainer for mouse accuracy (not micro per se, more just quickly selecting things in random locations with nothing but shift and your mouse). What I'm wondering is if anybody knows a trainer that you can use for practicing your CGs and Research hotkeys.

Research Hotkeys:
In the Unit/Structure hotkey trainer I use you select your race and if you want to train units or structures, then it just tells you the name of something and you have to build it as fast as possible. For units it spawns whatever building you need to make that unit from and auto-selects it for you, then you just have to hit the hotkey of the unit you'd like to produce.

Ideally I'd love to have that exact same map (seeing as it has both unit and structure options already) just have a research option added (a 3rd pylon on the right side) where it spawns a structure and tells you what to research.

The trainer I'm talking about is "Hotkey Trainer - Buildings Units v1.3 by Pibbingston"

Control Groups:
Now I'm not QUITE sure how you'd go about this one so feel free to be creative, but seeing as I recently swapped from the default keybinds to "The Core" (from teamliquid's website) I would love to have a trainer that focuses on letting you really practice your control groups.

All I really would want to see from the trainer is have it ask you to pick a race, then it would spawn a large group of each unit type across the map and just let you free-form set up CGs and practice with it however you'd like. I know you can achieve that in a 1v0 AI game, but having to build a bunch of everything first takes a good 20 or so minutes just to set up, which isn't quickly accessible :P

If you know of anything I could get, thanks! :)
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OMG, Instant Bookmark. Great job man. I love it.

There is two things, one that you know about and one that I siggest you to add.

The control groups, I suggest you to simply ask to press a specefic number but the player could pick for example, between 1 and 6. Sometimes player don't use the 7 to 0 control groups because they are too far. From there, they could practice 1 to 6 and then add 7 later on, 8 and etc.

What I suggest you is the unit spell and be precise. For example, you pick protoss, it cycles through, blink, force field, guardian shield, a specefic hallucination, graviton beam, storm, feedback, etc. For terran, stim, EMP, cloack, decloack, snipe, nuke, scan, drop mule, drop supply, etc. For Zerg, burrow, unburrow, load, unload, fungal, neutral parasite, infested terran and so on.

Anyway, I like your map and as a Random Platinum player, I can build all the buildings in about 1 sec reaction and all the units in about 0,80-0,90sec. Note that units are built only after 1 key pressed while building is 2 key pressed + click.

Awesome work... (I won't have to make it lol, someone else did it *demoniac smile*)

Edit... have you found the map or made it?
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I would love if they added Camera group and Control group practice to it! That is the main problem I have with the game, and need tons of practice with. One idea for it could be this, but with AI. -Daurak

"If you have patient friends [AI for the trainer -Daurak], it’s time to play the baneling drop game. Start a game with him and expand to 5 bases. Spread your workers out to there are only 8 per base to prevent mining out. Your friend creates 5-6 transports (medivac, prism, overlord with upgrade) and puts workers in them.

These workers are now banelings. Your job is to learn to use the layered cameras to respond to threats. Your friend is going to simulate a mineral line tear-inducing bane drop by dropping his workers.

To simulate actually playing, you’re going to need to macro this whole time. Have your friend create a bunch of static defense at the front of his base. As you macro, you will constantly send your units to die, preventing you from maxing. Now you can macro the whole time, it’s time for the training.

Your friend starts by dropping your main. He will do this at random times, calling out he’s about to drop. Once he calls, keep checking the minimap. When you see the dropship appear, use the layered camera to move to your main base and pull your probes. A successful probe pull means you’re getting it!

Step up the difficulty from there. Now he doesn’t call out when he’s going to drop, so you have to keep looking at your minimap to pull. This takes a lot of repetition, but it will become second nature after practice and sleep. Then add your natural to the list of targets (he may need to call which base he’s dropping for a few tries so you can learn the reaches. Once you have the reach down, he drops silently.) Keep adding bases, practicing reaches, and then practicing your reaction time, all while macroing."
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