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[List]New Features in 2.0.1(HotS) Beta Editor

Beta Patch 2.0.1 introduced more Editor features.

Here is just a feature list and short descriptions of what I found. And it would be bit long. Please remember the Heart of the Swarm is still under development, so I believe blizzard would add more features in future.

*This list only include new features added 2.0.1, for new features of 2.0.0, See

===General Features===

    Bug Fix

    Beta Patch 2.0.1 finally fixed most of the long standing editor bugs, for more information, see

    Page Link

    In the new interface, you can copy link of certain pages in-game to the clipboard. This include map info pages.
    So you can copy a link of your map, and give it to other player. Clicking this link would navigate the player to your map info page (If SC2 isn't running, it would launch the StarCraft II first, the player still need to enter name/password to login though).

    For example, this link launches you to the game info map of "NewKirk City" map (You need to have beta acess of course)

    The only problem is I didn't see a Create Game or Join Game button in this page, we really need this! I guess blizzard just haven't added them yet, or these button would for Arcade Games only?

    Custom Interface for OB

    In 2.0.1 editor, you can create StarCraft II Interface Files. To do it you need to create a Mod and save it as .SC2Interface file. You can only customize UI layouts in Interface files, and can't have any trigger or data part in it.

    I found that in beta game there is an Observer Interface dropbox in Options->Gameplay sheet. Which I believe could be used determine the .SC2Interface file you want to use when play as OB or watching Reps. I guess it's a bit like the Add-ons in WoW. Just haven't found out where you should put the .SC2Interface file to in order to allow the dropbox detect them. Tried put them under "Maps\", "Mods\" and "Interface\", doesn't seem to work though.

    Physic & Ragdoll

    Beta Patch 2.0.1 add many Ragdoll death models with full physic bodys, let start to explode Marines!

    New Game Attribute

    A new Game Attribute added: Game Privacy, allows map maker and players to decide if the Game would hide Build Order and Match History.

    New ability stages

    Two new ability stage added: Bail and Wait.

    New Editor Icons

    Some editor button and elements got new Icons.

===Terrain Editor===

  • The Instance List of Terrain Editor now have a Group dropbox, which would allow you to show pre-placed objects in specified group only (you can define pre-placed Object Groups in Map menu)

  • Add a Force Occlusion Hide flag for pre-placed doodads.

  • Water palette now have a Height slide bar, allows you modify the Water height easier (Doesn't have to open the Water Editor).

===AI Editor===

  • AI Editor now have a "View Graphs" which would show you the Cost vs. Time graph of your AI waves.

===UI Editor===

  • A new button "Toggle Frame Editor" added to the toolbar of UI Editor, but it does nothing. I guess it hasn't done yet, the "Frame Editor" sound like a new layout view which opposite to the law XML view.

===Data Editor===


  • New tooltips for Data Module fields

    Beta Patch 2.0.1 added tons of new tooltips for Data Editor fields, very useful for the Data Editor users.
  • Data Navigator

    Data Navigator is a new visualized to dispaly how all objects are linked to each other, it is much better than the old Object Explorer.

    For more information, see
  • New Card...

    Command Card editor in Data Module now allows you to create and modify more than 4 Command Cards per unit (which can only be done by XML before). You can press “New Card...” to add new Command Card.
  • Sort Fields By Source

    Data Editor now came Sort Fields By Source option (On by default), which would display fields from the same mods together.
  • Herd removed

    The two catalog (Herd and HerdNode, see which added in 2.0.0 got removed 2.0.1
  • Impulses are now Forces

    All CActorImpulseXXX actor classes are renamed to CActorForceXXX, and some field changes.
  • Buff & Items work while dead

    Now, Behaviors and Items can still work when the unit is dead, by checking their "Enabled While Dead" flag. (Abilities can already do it since patch 1.5)
  • Reset Event

    Actor Editor added a "Reset Event" command, which I assume is used to reset the selected actor event, but it seems this command doesn't work properly.
  • Actor Event Color

    In Actor Editor, overridden Actor Events now displayed as red, and new events displayed as green.

  • Ability

    Arm Magazine type abilities (CAbilArmMagazine) now can fire effect when ammo release. (CAbilArmMagazine.EffectArray[Release])

    Augment abilities (CAbilAugment) now have a "Smart" flag.

    Effect abilities (CAbilEffect) now have a "Clear Last Attack Target" flag and a "Line Movement" flag. (Still I not sure what is "Line Movement" though, need more tests).

    New field for CAbilEffectTarget: FinishCommand. Which could issue order to the unit after it finishing using the ability.

    Effect abilities now have a "Cancel Cost" property, which determine the cost to cancel this ability.

    Morph abilities (CAbilMorph) new have a "Transient" flag.


    New actor event: UnitHeightUpdate. Can be fired when unit land and/or lift.

    New actor event: UnitPoints. Obviously, it would be fired when player earn XP (related to the new XP system).

    New actor event: UnitRegen. Can be fired when unit is start/stop life/energy/shield regeneration.

    Actor event - UnitRefund now have a Morph sub name, can capture refund event in morphing progress.

    New actor System References:
    ::HostCaster, ::HostImpactInternal, ::HostLaunchInternal, ::HostMissile ::HostOffset

    New actor Site Operation: Hosted Offset, Random Point In Crossbar, Random Point In Sphere

    CActorSiteOpHigherOfTerrainAndWater now have two new flags: "Follow Waves" and "Pass Through If No Water". Make it much easier to create navy actors.

    New actor messages for actor force customizing: ForceSetAngle, ForceSetHeight, ForceSetLength, ForceSetMagnitude, ForceSetRadius, and ForceSetWidth.

    New actor messages for actor for movement tracking: MovementTrackingStart Start, MovementTrackingStop.

    New actor messages for physic impact: PhysicsImpactsEnable, PhysicsImpactTerrainReject, PhysicsImpactTerrainValidate, ScenePhysicsImpactSpy.

    New actor messages: SetTextLocalized, used to set actor text to localized texts.

    New actor term: AnimPlayable. Check if an animation property is playable.

    New actor term: IsUnderwater. Check if the actor is under water.

    New actor term: MovementNetOverInterval. Not sure what does this one do, hmmm.


    Alerts now can be set to only be seen by Observers. (CAlert.Display[Observer])

    Attach Method

    New Attach Method: Incoming


    New Buff state: Line Movement. Not sure what it does, but it obviously has something to do with the new flags of effect abilities.

    New Buff state: TransientMorph.


    New Effect: Cancel Order. Can be used to cancel specified ability command from the unit's order queue.

    New flags for Create Unit typed effects (CEffectCreateUnit): "Precursor", "Select Control Groups"

    Create Unit typed effects now have a "RallyUnit" property, which identifies a unit whose rally instructions are copied and issued to the created unit.

    Modify Player typed effects (CEffectModifyPlayer) now have a "Cost" property, which could ask the player to "spend" resources, cooldowns, and/or charges, even if you don't have an ability to do these requests.

    Modify Unit typed effects (CEffectModifyUnit) now have a "Copy Rally Count" property, which allows you to copy rally points from other unit.

    Use Magazine typed effects (CEffectUseMagazine) now have a "Magazine Ability" property, which specifies an explicit Arm Magazine ability to use ammo from. If not specified, it will cycle through the activated Arm Magazine abilities and use one ammo from the first one capable of launching.


    New flag for CGame: "Density Persistent".

    New CGame property: "Food Capped Max", which determine the max food cap.

    New CGame property: "Melee Points Threshold"

    Game UI

    New CGameUI properties for CameraEventThreshold: Camera Event Threshold Distance, Camera Event Threshold Pitch, Camera Event Threshold Target, Camera Event Threshold Yaw

    New CGameUI property: "Command Hotkey Repeat Ignored".

    New CGameUI properties for Help Control setting: Help Control Categories, Help Controls, Help Game Mechanics, Help Tech Title.

    New CGameUI property: "Loading Screen Help Intro"


    New Model properties for physic death factors: Physics Death Motion Factor, Physics Force Factor.


    Command Card buttons now have a "ShowInGlossary" flag, which allows them to be displayed in help menu glossary.

    Units now have an "Effect" property, allows you to execute effects when the unit Birth/Create/Death/Revive.

    Three new flags for CUnit: "AI Resource Blocker"(let AI know it's a rock which block an expansion), "Ignore Attack Alert", "Prefer Last Attack Target".


    New Validator: Location Crosses Chasm. Can be used to check if there is a chasm between to location.

===Trigger Editor===


  • New Mouse coord system

    In 2.0.1, the size of full SC2 game screen is always considered to be 1600x1200 in mouse coord system, not matter what the current resolution ratio is.

    *Note, the mouse coord system is different the UI Layout/Dialog coord system (Which would affected by your ratio).
  • Trigger Explorer

    Trigger Editor now has an Explorer frame, just like the Object Explore, it would display the linked objects of the selected trigger.

    Check "View->Show Explorer" to show this frame.
  • History Navigator

    The toolbar of trigger editor now have a "Forward" and "Back" button which work just like the same named buttons on IE, and allow you jump back and forth in trigger editor. It is very useful when you want to jump to a function to see its contents then jump back to continue your works.

  • UI

    Now we can use actions to filter the ability classes in Path Display system.

    Now we can control Battle Report UI as a dialog item :
    native int BattleReportGetDialogControl ();


    Now we can set the anchors of Board and Timer Windows. (Set their positions related to other dialog items)

    A new dialog item type: Cutscene. Which allows us to play cutscene on UI layer.

    Two new dialog item properties, Allow Mouse Buttons and Alpha Mask. Support all dialog item types

    Now we can clear selection in specified List Box.

    A new function which allows us to check the pathing type of specified points:
    native int PathingType (point inPos);

    A new function to check if the game is played on BN.
    native bool GameIsOnline ();


    Now we can change the Priority of Objective items.


    Timer window is more customizable now, we can set its anchor, total height and bar/border images.


    Now we have an official action: "Open Inventory Container". Which allows us to open/close inventory container of a specified unit for specified player.

    Find Placement functions now can set extra tests. For example, if the placement would test fog, power, visibility, creeps etc.

    A new function "Triggering Damage Absorbed" added to return the total damage amount, including the damage be absorbed by target unit's behavior. While the old "Triggering Damage Taken" only return the actual damage dealt to the target.


    A new function "Point Is Visible For Player" added to check if a point is visible for specified player.
Edited by Renee on 11/2/2012 10:22 PM PDT
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Wow! That is a lot of cool new stuff. I especially like the ability to hide build orders, checking if a point is visible, and setting the water height. Thanks for writing all this stuff up.
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Acorrding to this thread, blizzard also fixed Conversation Choice in 2.0.1

I will test when I got time.

Edit: It does work. Still it seems it need some customize in the lauout.
Edited by Renee on 11/12/2012 5:26 PM PST
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Counld blizzard shed light on where the .SC2Interface file should be put in?
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