The Onslaught - SC:BW (Started Nov. 15)

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Ohai Forums. Looks like I'm posting again. But this time I'm looking for Beta testers for a map I'm creating in Starcraft: Brood War (Once I learn the SC2 Editor, I might adapt it for SC2). Even programmers would be nice.

So, what I have for right now (The map is still being programmed and built) is a survival-based map where you and 1 other are based at the bottom of a 64x96 map. You are given 30 minutes to build up your standing force and defense before the Zerg begin their wave-after-wave onslaught of your base. The goal is to wipe out the map of the Zerg and take down the Overmind.

I'm not going to release ALL The details about the map until the official release (When the Beta is finished, and testing for balance and bugs is done), and I hope that I sparked some interest in some players to help Beta test and program.

Currently I'm working using the basic StarEdit (was too lazy to get the advanced version once again.) and am working on finishing the first Beta product (0.0.1) for initial testing.

Edit: Patch Notes will be released only to the Beta Testers until the full release. When the Full Release is done, patch notes will be updates and released with each game update.
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Oh lol, I'm really curious to see this. I never though people would keep making new maps for sc1.

However, just by knowing you're using only the basic editor, I have an idea of what to expect. I'm still interested at seeing what you've done. I would suggest you to try SCMDraft 2. This is my favored advanced editor for starcraft 1. I've made a couple maps really nice but never really played because making a map popular is really hard, so I know very well how works sc1 editor. I'm very good at it... though there is a long time I haven't done somethign with it haha. Since starcraft 2 launch I'd say.

So ya, I want to see what you got and if you're really interested at making your map in sc1 I encourage you. I just want to specefy however that there is a very big step between sc1 and sc2. If you ever touched the W3 editor, it's really hard... That's what I've done actually. For a very long time my mind was thinking the sc1 trigger for sc2 trigger...and it's not the same deal haha.

The hardest thing I would say it to understand how works the trigger events. Starcraft 1 had no event in the trigger. However, the game itself was a periodic event. Every game tick it was checking for the Conditions and if they return true the Actions were started. In Sc2, triggers are not executed every game tick. Let's give an example.

You want the Action to execute when a unit enters a region.

-Player [1] brings [at least [1]] [Terran Marine] to ['Anywhere'].
-Do whatever you want.

This would make the game check every tick if the Player 1 have a Marine in the location Anywhere. Then fire the Actions.

In Sc2 however this is something much more different and much more specefic which makes some triggers to don't do what we expect when you're trying to understand Sc2 with Sc1, haha.

-Unit - [Any Unit] [Enters] [(Entire map)]
You have to know that Any Unit could be variables, could different kind of sub-trigger, etc.

-((Triggering unit) is in (Entire map)) == True
-(Owner of (Triggering unit)) == 1

The condition specify some things related to the event. In this case for example, you have to use Conditions related to Unit since the event is about a unit. You can't do something like Triggering Region = Entire Map; this doesn't exist and will gives you an error because what is "triggered" is not a region but a unit. Here you have to understand that you don't need to count how many units there are since it is executed when ANY unit enter a region, so you enter 1 unit and the trigger starts. If it had to count something you would use another Condition and mess around to find the good one.

So... Sc1 is much more simple but has less possibilities. Going to Sc2 straight from Sc1 is not easy, but totally worth it! You get skills in programmation, you understand things such as If then else, and so on. A lot of stuff in Sc2 is usefull in logic that you don't have in sc1. But, if you want to do things in Sc2, try to learn one thing at a time haha and don't go straight in data. You can do alot of stuff just by using trigger. Once you understand how works the trigger, try to do some more difficult stuff. And feel free to stop whenever you're stuck and come back 2 days later... many times it's just a freaking stupid small error....

Anyway, when, where, etc we meet on Broodwar? =P

Personnal note:
Don't try to make a massive number of Periodic event to work the same way as Sc1... the memory usage is much different in sc2 and you would create massive lag... Yes I've done that... and now I'm using almost no perdiodic event.
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