We recently released the beta version of the map Craft Cards. Please check it out and leave a review of what you thought. (If playing 1 player, be sure to add one or two AIs before starting)


It is a trading card game, where the cards can be used in combat during matches. Cards can be upgraded in a shop or traded with other players. The cards and currency persist through multiple games. It is kind of like Chess/SC2/card game.


-Each player starts with 10 cards. Those cards can be used to summon units, with their own unique abilities. Cards cannot be replaced during games. (Managing them is a mechanic of the game.)
-Players use "Energy" as the resource to make moves and summon units.
-Each player starts by selecting their deck (one of the three races), which can be built separately.
-It is turnbased, but players can trade/buy cards with each other while waiting for their turn. Turns do not take long. Trading/shopping menus are currently in the alpha stage and lack user intuition currently.
-Based on a 4 by 4 grid of squares. (The squares need to be clicked, not the units).
-At the start of each turn, players get energy based on how many units they have and how much energy those units give. There is an energy cap of 100.
-Turns end when the player chooses (to save energy) or when a player's energy reaches 0.
-Cards purchased/traded will not show up until the next game.


-Eliminate all other players.
-Players are eliminated when all of their cards have been used or do not have the energy to summon any while not having any(I.E. position of "checkmate").

Current Flaws:

-Win/loss/elimination conditions are checked at the end of each turn; if you reach elimination/win conditions, waiting until the end to observe effects is necessary.
-AIs are very stupid; fight two or three at a time.
-Shopping/Trading menus are in alpha stages and are functionable. However, they are clunky, only the shop is workable right now.


-Cherry#797 in-game.
-This thread.

Developed by [Team Genesis]@SC2Mapster
Edited by Cherry on 11/15/2012 7:56 PM PST