Immortals are insanely stupid.

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12/05/2012 04:31 PMPosted by OpTicCloud
Very well then.

Happy you got a good Ultra comment from me? But really, Ultra's were better in Brood War.
Very well then.
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you need banes for ling/ultra cause of how easy it is to delay a push using light units. heck 4 zerglings out dps an ultra on light units.
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12/06/2012 10:25 AMPosted by kavinh
you need banes for ling/ultra cause of how easy it is to delay a push using light units. heck 4 zerglings out dps an ultra on light units.
Not anymore in hots atm. ^___^
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I think that everything that comes out of the robo facility is pretty powerful. However, I mostly think the colossus is imba. The immortal would be fine if I could kill it with hydras, but the colossus will cut through your units like butter. So you try ultras hoping they can tank enough damage from the frontline for the support roaches that are also more upgraded than the protoss a-click army and you lose again. Then you think, "he only has stalkers, colossi, and immortals, I will go broodlord infestor."

Then you actually have to micro when your opponent doesn't. Because his stalkers will own your broodlords if you're not careful to micro your slow unit and the colossus are colossus. They even seem to damage my air units somehow with all of that splash damage that they do.

Honestly, if you can't micro well, that's okay if you can macro well while you are using an army. Just go mutas and punish him every time he tries to move out. Take out a key structure or two. And take another base while you're at it. keep him pinned back and then through units at him until he cries, "zerg is imba." Then your ultras should do pretty well. He shouldn't have anything but one army to kill after you're done denying resources, tech, upgrades.

I am silver btw. You are probably better than I am. TLO is pretty good at dealing with immo all-in. Watch his videos.
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12/02/2012 08:42 PMPosted by Midday
I teched to ultras

There's your problems
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maybe because immortals have hardened shields, which makes it harder to destroy
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