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pvz dt

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is there a way to ffe and then quickly tech to dt for harass
replay and build order would greatly be appreciated
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I don't run it
cause dts are crazy
but here's a daily
watch day9 maybe?
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is there a way to ffe and then quickly tech to dt for harass
replay and build order would greatly be appreciated

18/19 2 assims
cybercore ASAP
+1weps ASAP (use 1 chrono)
wargate ASAP (use 3 chronos)
drop 3 more gates when WG is about half done, and a TC shortly after, followed by two more assims

You should build a zealot and/or a stalker to clear towers and make a path for a probe to drop a proxy while you do all this (and don't forget to check to make sure he has a third). As soon as WG is done, warp in 4 zealots and try to take out his third. Keep warping in zealots every cycle, and remember to drop a DT shrine while you're pressuring (also drop either a robo or a stargate, as well as 3 more gateways).

Once you've either destroyed his hatch or he held you off, retreat, warp in at home, and clear any lings or overlords from your third. Your DT shrine should be ready for your next or second-to-next production cycle. Warp in 4 DTs as close as you can to his base and walk them straight into his main to snipe his lair. As you're doing this, take your third and set up a wall of cannons. Also be sure to continue teching to either colossus or a mothership, making immortals/VRs along the way. (You can also try sending more zealots to his 2nd/3rd while you're DT harrassing.)

If you go robo, be sure to add sentries to your mix, and if you go mothership, make archons from DTs and get blink/charge. The only time you shouldn't be getting weapons upgrades from your forge is when you're saving gas for your first batch of DTs.

If all goes well then by the time you have a deathball, he'll be way behind.

I couldn't find the guide I got this build from on TL (it's old now), but I did find this:

...which looks much more fun/interesting anyway. I'll have to give it a try.

I have replays too, but I'm too lazy to post them right now.
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