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[help] placing planets

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hello all, i am making a game that is space based, and I am having an issue placing the planets that I kinda made.

I found these planet icon models in the data editor and made them into unselectable, and untargetable units so that there could be planets in the starry sky background. The problem is that these models seem to have an offset when placing them. (especially when scaled up) What I am trying to do is get rid of that offset.

also I tried making Doodads using the planet icons, but for some reason they don't show up when using a trigger to create them, only when pre-placed will they show up

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You can use hose site ops on actors without explicit hosts, like unit actors. You could use one of these to reverse the offset in theory, but if you're using varied scales, I'm not sure whether this is all that workable. There are a lot of possibilities with site ops, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

I'm not sure if I found the planet icons you're talking about. I was thinking if they have any attachment points, well for one thing the offset would just be apparent, but I had an idea or too about how these might be useful if site ops don't work out.
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thanks Fed, the planet is now where I want it to be, it still doesn't spin unless you are in the offset place that the planet was originally set to, but its close enough

As far as if you found the planet icons, they should be only models in the editor. you would have to make them into doodads or units. They are the Planet Icon section of the models list, one for each planet in WoL

Thanks again :D
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Monkalizer has answered this question on sc2mapster, I'll paste the text:

To make planet objects in the editor, you can use the built in Planet Icon models. They are used in the WOL campaogn. However, they are offsetted. Depending on how much they are scaled up the factors are changing... sort of.

I'm working on a planetarium library with stars, planets and moons (and satellites) wich are orbiting each other, so I had to crack this problem.

To adjust the position of the model you need to use point with polar offset function. Take the "actual" position and offset it with an angle of -56.5 degrees. This is a scale-independent factor. Then comes the tricky part - the distance. It should be 0.52*scaleFactor. So if you scale the model up by a factor 10, you need to offset it by a distance of 5.2.

If you want to attach health and weapons to the planet - you cant make a planet unit and attach things to that. It will look like the shield/target point is somewhere out in space. You need to make a dummy-object that is located at the "actual" position and make the planet model unselectable.

I'l upload the planetarium at some point, if you want to see how such a thing could be built.

Link is at:
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