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How can I merge data from other maps?

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I've created a few new units for my custom map i'll be working on for the rest of my life at this rate. I wasn't thinking when I started to make them and I made them on an entirely new map. How can I get their data on to my other map?
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Got little time but in very short :

1) Save both maps as .SC2Components (still named .SC2Map but as folders) instead of .SC2Maps then both sides will have the extracted files such as XML text files.

2) Open your map with said units, MANUALLY copy over the data with text file to text file to the other map's equivalent extracted text files.

3) Don't forget to port also the strings (from txt files).

You are VERY likely to screw up the first times but that's the reliable way when you are used to do it.
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Since Honejasi was so brief, I'll elaborate a little.

1) Just do step 1 as he described it. For future clarity I'm going to say that your maps are called mainMap.SC2Map and xtraUnits.SC2Map.

2) It's not just an afterthought that you could mess up, so make sure you have the content backed up. But if you have both maps as single-files still that should suffice, and it's really pretty easy to get it right if you follow my steps. I have no idea what Honejasi is talking about with "You are VERY likely to screw up..."

3) For each file in xtraUnits.SC2Map/Base.SC2Data/GameData (all these should have the extension .xml), open this file and the one with the same name located in the same subfolder of mainMap.SC2Map in a text editor. Copy everything between the lines <catalog> and </catalog> (these should be the second and last non-blank lines respectively) in the file from xtraUnits, and paste it into the file from mainMap, immediately above the line </catalog> (There are many places you could paste but it's mostly arbitrary and I wanted to be specific, and this is easy). If the xml file in xtraUnits./SC2Map/Base.SC2Data/GameData does not have a counterpart in mainMap.SC2Map/Base.SC2Data/GameData, simply copy the whole file using your file manager.

4) In xtraUnits.SC2Map there should be another folder depending on your locale. For me it's enUS.SC2Data. So open xtraUnits.SC2Map/enUS.SC2Data/LocalizedData (or whatever your locale is) where there should be one or two .txt files (there could be more, but it's not likely if all you did is make a few units). For each of these copy the entire contents in a text editor and paste at the end of the equivalent file in mainMap.SC2Map. Once again if there is no equivalent file just copy the file, but this is a very unlikely case.
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12/05/2012 06:06 AMPosted by TheFed
I have no idea what Honejasi is talking about with "You are VERY likely to screw up..."

It's because since it's an unusual method, there are many things that people that do it the first times do screw up at least partially their map with the fused data.

Common first-time errors :

1) Having doubled ids of data in the same XML file (ex : having the unit with the id "Marine" twice in the data).

2) Forgetting to copy the XML files from the source map that the destination map doesn't have.

3) Forgetting to copy the strings from the .txt files. Often you are missing descriptions or tooltips if it happens.

4) When copying strings, maybe having duplicated strings as well by accident (ex : doubled "Abil/Name/Blink").

5) Taking for granted that all your strings even if theoretically copied over are exactly used the same way. For example, expecting the map attributes' strings to show up if you didn't set the attributes' existence on the destination map. Same for the Arcade's Patch notes' rows, etc.
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Ya and in the past I've had to pre-create the said xml file (they are not created by default you have to physically add data to the data editor tab) before the editor would say the imported xml file exists.

Oh and, 1 month ago at least, there was a bug in the program I heard about that prevents you from inserting new xml files for the most recent editor version.
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