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Tauren Space Marines

OK, I found the Tauren Marines in the data and can put them in on the map, what I want to do is make them trainable from barracks, I know that you have to make a button for it with one of the free spaces, could somebody explain how? I'm new to the editor so if it could be really intricate it would be very appreciated.
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Hi there, I’m pretty sure there are tutorials about such things, but I wanted to do it for fun and see if I can get it working. Anyway, here is what I did in very small details ;)

1: I first made a new map, you got yours. I made sure to have the campaign dependency and the multiplayer dependency as well to make sure everything is normal, and placed the liberty one at the bottom.

2: Placed a barrack. We will use it.

3.1: Open the data. As you said, we want a button for our Tauren Marine. You could go in the Button tab, search for “train” you will get a couple “Train <unit>”. You can duplicate one of them, I’ll duplicate the “Train Marine”. There is a pop-up showing what we want to duplicate. These are the things linked to the button. It’s asking you if you want to duplicate those things as well. No. We will keep the original things. So just don’t check anything except the Train Marine (checked by default).

3.2: From there, you can change the name of the button that is now “Train Marine Copy”. You could rename it to something like “Train Tauren Marine”. Press suggest. The ID is usefull in some other places such as the Actors. But we won’t need to go there. Having a good ID name prevent you from being lost. The suggest button is generally enough precise.

3.3: On the right side, you have a couple things you could change. You can change the icon, the hotkey, tooltips, etc.

4.1: Now that we got a button (Train Tauren Marine), the unit (Tauren Space Marine), the building (Barrack), and even the build ability for the barrack, we just need to go in the ability and command card of the barrack. Go into the Unit tab and find the barrack. Before adding the button to the command card, we need to add the action to the ability. You want the button to do something. In the Ability of the barrack on the bottom left, you can see “Barrack – Train”; click on it. In the “Info” on the right, you will see all the units that are trained by this ability. You can go to Train 05 and double click.

4.2: In this box, you can set up the button, in our case the “Train Tauren Marine”. Here we could add requirements such as “Have Attached Tech Lab”. You don’t need though. You can set “Info – Time” at the bottom, which is the build time. Add in the “Info – Unit” the “Tauren Space Marine”. Once done, “Ok”.

5: We can go back into the Barrack. Click on it on the bottom left. In the “Command Card”, you can choose a empty spot, click the green x and add our button. Our button will do “Command Type: Ability Command”. This will refer to the possible abilities of the barrack for the first few abilities, and the rest are others abilities not needed in this example. You can pick “Barrack – Train”. This is the ability where we added the Train 05, which is our Tauren Marine. In “Ability Command” you can choose between the possible choices of the ability. We want the Train Tauren Marine.

6: Everything should be working fine. But, before you ask, to change the cost of the unit, you must go into the “Tauren Space Marine” unit (which you can now access via the barrack if you scroll down because it is linked to it somehow. Then on the right you find the “Cost” field and set it to what you want. You could also change the “Supplies” field. If the cost is free and Supply is 0, then you will be able to build it to test.

I hope this will helps you ;)

Little note: Personnaly, I don't like to use the default units. If I was making a huge map, I would prefer to copy the barrack, copy the train ability, copy the taurent marine and link those together instead of modifying the original units. I have no idea if this is a better way to do, but at least you can "reset to parent" if you screw up something while making a new unit. For your map, depending what you want to do, you could probably use the default units.
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It worked! Thanks a million man! And yeah default units bore me too that's why I was stressing over making this one xD
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great Tut
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