I made a test map to deal with the issues of turtling/ NR15 gameplay.

It's goal is simple: make map control much more valuable by having something worth fighting over. This should encourage less turtling and more skirmishing. I want to test the concept more than the details; the details can be worked out later if the concept is worth pursuing.

There's a super patch of minerals in the center of the map, between the xel'naga towers. It takes 30 seconds to mine from, and yields 200 minerals per trip. It's covered by a destructible rock which loses hp over time. Undisturbed it will die on its own at the 4 minute mark.

3 workers are enough to mine it full time, if you can do so safely; opponents will of course try to contest control of the map, or at least snipe the workers.
This should result in a lot more skirmishing; as leaving it uncontested will put you behind quite quickly. Hopefully proxies and other highly aggressive builds will not be too overpowered with it; but it's less about the specifics of balance and more about whether it makes for more interesting games with lots of fights.

It's published on North America server. anyone's free to republish it elsewhere if they want to, the map is open. You can find it in the custom games area by searching for it. Exact map name is in the topic name.

Please report notable results/comments from gameplay here.