This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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{Everything has a purpose. Theirs is either to help others or survive. And helpin us is a plus. Or they're just giving back from when we rescued them.}
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{I don't know. The lead one said something about helping a dying race was their honor.} I think hard on what the Dark Templar had said yet again. Dying race...could it mean what I fear it does? {Kain, how long do you think we've been here?}
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{About a month and some change... Wh-} I was about to ask why, but I already knew what he was thinking.
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{The leader mentioned that we're a dying race. You don't think...that the civil got that bad, did it?}
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{it is a possibility... I mean we are humans. And things like this have happened before...}
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{But dying? How bad is it?}
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{As far as I know, Korprulu humans are f*cked. And from my memory we aren't there anymore. All of us took a ship somewhere, and... That's all I really know... When I think about that though, that black thing in the trees pops up in my head for some reason...#
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{I remember the ship too...something about trying to mend differences with a mixed unit...Agh, my head hurts when I try and think about it too long.} I rubbed my temples, trying to get rid of the headache that had sprung up. {What in the hell happened to us?}
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{I don't know. And I don't know what hell is... But I think I can say I went there... Now I need to see if I can say I made I back..}
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McKenzie jump-jets down to the ground floor, and looks at the bodies of dead Zerg.
{Hey, anyone want some Zergling ribs? I'll cook, something to get my mind off the attack.} She radios, her voice showing she was distracted.
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{Eh, I don't trust Zerg DNA, even if its "dead"}
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{Don't use the lisk. It only makes good jerky.} I shift the channel back to Kain. {I didn't mean Hell literally...but I see your point.}
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{Okay.} She hesitates for a second, then makes her way to the Zerglings to cut up.
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{For the Dark Templar's sake, I hope the bases automated defenses are off-line; those things can pack one hell of a punch...}
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{I'm pretty sure Jordan marked em as friendly. Or they have some damn good cloaking.}
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{I only marked 'em on our turrets. Can't speak for the others. Although, if prior experience says anything, there's no power on at hardly any of the other bases.}
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A few hours later they return. "We found the base, it is quite large. Many 'Confused Ones' occupy it. Also. There... There is a great psionic presence there... One similar to something of the past..."
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"Confused Ones? And similar to the past? I'm so confused myself right now." I'd just finished helping repair the armor integrity and now I was working on the mode shift gears.
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"Humans who have lost their way. And the presence is similar to that to... Kerrigan...". Her name spits out of his words like a disease.
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Her name spits out of his mouth like a disease
*mega eye twitch* protoss have no mouth *eye twitch* NONE
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