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StarCraft II Art Tools Closed Beta Test Signups *COMPLETE*


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Any chance it will be compatible with Max 2012 or 13?
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Visual effect artist with 7 years of experience here.
That's me:
Sign me up, I'd be happy to try it out !
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So long as the plug-in is compatible with 2013 I would opt in. Been a while since I did 3D work specifically but I'd try to pick it back up definitely for this.

- 3dsmax 2013 (sure I can grab the student version and downgrade to 2011 for this though)
- Photoshop and Illustrator and GIMP
- Experienced modeler and some animation
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Ill throw my name in there too hahah

-New to 3dsmax 2010

- Good at photoshop

-Experienced actor mapper, and would like to create a few assets for everyone (such as hero glow !!!)

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I'm definitely in--10 years of animation/rigging work under my belt, would love to work with this!
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I'd like to opt in for this.

My terrible abominations can be viewed here:
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I'd like to participate. im studyng 3Dsmax 2k13 , Mudbox and Maya

i hopei can learn about startools :D
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I have experience with 3DS Max for the past 2-3 years and Photoshop CS 5.5 extensively as well as a Bachelor's degree in Architecture (extensive 3D modeling).

I'm not experienced in the custom editor (not since Brood War, haha) but this seems like quite an opportunity to be able to transpose custom models to.

I would like to participate!
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I've been waiting for this opportunity for years. I would love to opt into this and have taken animation workshops using 3DSMax at DigiPen in Seattle, Washington.
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I relly want to participate, i have some experience on gaming industry and in modding.
now i'm trying to work with games only.
here's some samples of my work

I use both 3Dsmax and Photoshop, i have a 3dsmax 2013 license, but i'll buy a 2011 license with no problem
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Would love to opt in. I'm a games development student at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia.
My last 3d modelling project was done in 3ds max 2011; Facebook quality photos don't really do it justice, and there's definitely many things to improve (and an obvious lack of smoothing on one of the pickups, bleh).
Overall I'm still pretty new to this but nonetheless I'd love to get involved with this for my own experience.

ESP EX Diamond Plate Guitar
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10+ years of experience in 3D Studio Max as a professional 3d animator and motion graphics artist. I am interested in doing start to finish work in star tools, from the ground up, modeling, rigging, dynamics, texturing, animation, export clean assets to editor from scratch. I have licensees to the relevant professional content development software for game content production.

I have specific experience with realtime development using platforms like UDK and Brainstorm and would like to expand into startools.

I currently work in real time virtual reality sports graphics ( what you see anytime you look at a tv screen on a sports bar.)

I am straight cold serious about learning these tools as immediately as possible, apply my professional training and make the best art I can freely available to the entire SC community.

Samples of my work;
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Howdy, I am a 3D Modeler of about 5-6 years experience with a large base in Autodesk's Maya, Newtek's Lightwave, and Autodesk's 3DSMax. I would totally love to give the plug-ins a shot.
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This sounds amazing. I am fluent in game design and development. Worked for companies like Activision and THQ. I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of this!
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Wow, what a great step to further customs and community. I'm 18 years old and I love to 3d Modeling and of course know Photoshop ins and out.

Here's what I'm working on right now
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Doubt I'll get in but just for kicks.
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I'd like to opt in for the StarTools closed beta. I've been Lead of art forum over at and I've been making graphics for Starcraft 2 ever since the WoL beta.
See: (Dated back to 2010)

And a couple of mapster links:

I mainly focus on providing help to people on modeling for Starcraft 2 rather than creating content for myself which you can easily see because all of my models posted were because of requests, however, I am an architect by profession and have expertise in 3D and 2D due to a daily use of such tools in my work :D (vector drawing as well i.e. AutoCAD)
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Have been using Photoshop since V3 for both work and hobby.
Also a casual 3ds user since ~2005

Would love to participate
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Ive got experience working with 3ds max 2010, and gimp. I have experience modelling custom models for wc3 as well.
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Hey all! I just moved this post to the new Art Tools and Cutscenes forum and wanted to check in/let you all know that we see your posts and are looking forward to getting the StarTools Beta out to you soon. I'll post more info in this thread in the very near future, and we'll be in touch with those who opted in as we near StarTools Beta release. Thanks!
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