The Popularity system is it helping?

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With the open games list, things are slowly getting better, but there is still one thing holding it and everything else back.

The popularity system, It runs on the browse page, and its on the featured page, Could we possibly get this thing removed, its like Cancer, it just slowly kills the rest of the body.

Seriously though, Could you remove where the top 10 list on the featured page, and replace it with a mini open games list, then go to the browse page and just randomize it instead of having it in any order? this would encourage play of maps never seen.

Pretty much all teh popularity system does at this point, or has ever done is make players feel like, blizzard is saying "Hey, These are the best maps, because these are the most played."

and I know that wasnt blizzard intentions, but I think its time to call it quits on the popularity system, before HoTS comes out.
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I say remove the whole popularity system

or lets plays just create whatever map they liked ( because they enjoy it and its popular ) like they did on sc1

or allow both where we can look at the most popular games but at the same time can go and look through games the same way as on sc1...

I mean the sc1 system for this was awesome we didn't need to be told what was popular because if it was popular people would host and play the game themselves....
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Well the browse page randomized has benefits that would be nice to have.

The popularity system, has little to none at this point.
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I am curious about one thing however, let's say the popularity system go *poof* (and anything related to it) and there is only the open game list left ... how do you host (not join off the list, I mean host) a new game to play according to you guys?

Closest I could think on a very short notice would be some kind of new minor map browser attached to the open game lists which avoids any favoritism (ex : just show all possible maps in a A-Z order). Basically similar to SC1 and WC3 except the list comes from Blizzard instead of your hard drive.

In a way, it does feel we would lose something in the process ... likely for something better but still. Perhaps because I feel there is something else that could be salvaged from the popularity system for the better.
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Yes yes yes.
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Browse would still be there, but instead of being organized by any manner it would be completely randomized, meaning you could still search for whatever you want to host, also you have your bookmarks.

The rule about the open games is, No one has ever wanted to host a map they dont know about .... So if someone has never played it, then its not on their recent games list. why would they want to host something they have never heard of, UNLESS they just want to click something.

So remove the popularity system by randomizing browse and it would be fine.
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