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So I set a large amount of alliances in an initialization trigger thinking that players and teams are set up the same as warcraft 3. I just figured out how to allow the host to move players to and from the two teams in my map but when I start the game on the second team, I am allied to both teams and have control of the wrong units preplaced on the map.

How can I replicate the settings from warcraft 3? I have 2 teams with 7 players each and 2 of the players on each team are computers. I want the game lobby to look like this:

(Team 1)
Slot 1: Team Computer 1
Slot 2: Team Computer 2
Slot 3: Player Slot
Slot 4: Player Slot
Slot 5: Player Slot
Slot 6: Player Slot
Slot 7: Player Slot

(Team 2)
Slot 8: Team Computer 1
Slot 9: Team Computer 2
Slot 10: Player Slot
Slot 11: Player Slot
Slot 12: Player Slot
Slot 13: Player Slot
Slot 14: Player Slot

I want players to be able to freely move themselves between the slots and I want players in-game to be associated with their slot number. For instance if I start the game in slot x the game will recognize me as player y.
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Oh........This is a case where Blizzard screwed up massively. You would think that it would be that simple, but now you have to do a few colossal triggers to set this up properly. I had to stumble through this the hard way, and when I finally got it, I realized that I had to change some references in my triggers. I desperately hope that you either have very few triggers or else have completed very few of them, because otherwise this will be a painful thing for you to go through. I'll point you to a few threads where I explained this to other people: (I know that the thread title is horribly misleading, but on page 2 the whole thread got detailed because of a guy who needed help. Go to the second page and read through the whole blasted thing). (post number 10)
If you still need help, find me online (I have plenty of free time, so I manage to make it on basically every single day for a few hours or more) and explain your problems, and I'll give you some advice.
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