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[Suggestion]Official WC3/WoW Assets Mod?

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It's great to hear that there would be a WoL unit model source 3ds max file pack come with the Startools.

That makes me think, will there be a offical WC3 or WoW asset mod in the future? I think if the cusom map community is still wanted to be improved, having such a mod would be very vital.

I mean, sci-fi themes aren't quite fit the RPGs isn't it? The graphic of SC2 are too 'realistic'. At least I don't like the idea of letting a zergling or a zealot run amok and gaining levels and abilities.

And WC3 is too popular in the early years(it still popular in CN now), people are already accustomed these themes, new moba games like DotA2 and LoL all follow its graphic style. Even P.v.Z and angry birds aren't so 'realistic'.

I always think the SC2 graphics are more fit to other game styles, they can also become popular, but if you need to take advantanage from the old popular games of WC3, the graphic style is very important.

Even with the release of the StarTools. I don't think there would be many map makers who can master it, let alone to wait for them to create a full custom asset mod.

I know people in blizzard must have already consided of such a idea, I just want to deepen this impression. Many map makers in CN would very welcome of such a mod, if not the whole global community.
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Hi Renee,

This is definitely on our radar and we appreciate the desire for these assets in StarCraft II. That said, we will continue to weigh this type of support alongside our many, ongoing efforts to improve the tools and assets available to our mapmakers. So while I can't make any promises regarding the feasibility of this support at this time, I assure you that we hear this suggestion loud and clear.

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That's good news!

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I'd like to display my interest in having this support as well and would encourage anyone else, custom game creators or even players (if you take the time to visit these parts of the forum ;) to show your enthusiasm here for official compatibility between other Blizzard game assets and StarCraft 2.

For players who might not understand the significance of this:
What this would allow SC2 custom mapmakers to do is very easily use models and animations from other Blizzard titles in any way we wished within a StarCraft 2 custom game. This would allow for many many more possibilities!
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It is not hard to convert mdx model to m3 with the 3rd party plug-ins we currently have.

And with the releasing of Startools, I can see it would become much easier.

But you can never create a WHOLE unoffical WC3 assert mod and distribute it properly.

Simply because it is toooo big.

Your BN space have limits, and such a mod would easily reach 1 gig. Even if you split it to multiple smaller mods and upload it with multiple accounts. You still cannot properly distribute it.

I don't think there would be many player would like to download a 1 gig map, let along there are many player's network cannot steam such a large map.

So offical and downloadable model pack would be very vital.
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