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Hi all!

I've done a melee map with the HoTS galaxy editor, the concept is completed and now I've to put the textures and some doodads to made the map cool. Someone can link tutorials? Or share advice or tips?

Thank you ^^
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You might have better luck requesting in the appropriate forum. :)

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Well I suggest you to look at the other maps and try to see how all of them are made. Most of them have different kind of placement for example Ohana which has some spot with a lot of doodads right into the middle of nowhere, or the other map, i dont remember, that has like 10 ramps in the middle of the map.

There are probably tutorials about how you can place doodads. Though, always make sure all spots in group of doodads are filled (use pathing if needed) try to place things on area that the units won't necessairly pass at first. You can use LOS to prevent sight, they can be cool visually as well... Well, look through all the doodads one by one and try to see in your mind if it would fit somewhere, think you can change its scale and a little bit its color with the HUD.

Try to look on sc2mapster, there are plenty of tutorials ;)
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Can someone please tell me how I make doodads solid so units can not walk through them. Thank you GG GL HF
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10/13/2013 01:17 PMPosted by LilGunz
Can someone please tell me how I make doodads solid so units can not walk through them. Thank you GG GL HF

Doodads are unpathable. If you have, say, a row of rocks or trees and don't want units going past it, you need to lay down unit pathing (red paint) to prevent ground units from walking there. Go to your pathing palette, select 'ground', and paint in the areas where you do not want units walking.
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Alternatively, go to the doodads palette and place pathing blockers. This is less elegant, but sometimes easier than painting if you just want to block a 1x1 or 2x2 area.
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