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I thought I'd just put together a big ol' list of editor hotkeys to use at any time you wish during the process of map creation.

Pallet Keys___________________________________________________________________

  • T

  • Sends you to the Terrain pallet.

  • D

  • Sends you to the Doodads pallet.

  • U

  • Sends you to the Units pallet.

  • H

  • Sends you to the Pathing pallet.

  • P

  • Sends you to the Points pallet.

    Doodad / Unit Keys_______________________________________________________________

  • + / -

  • Press these keys after selecting a doodad to increase or decrease its size.

  • Ctrl + Left click hold

  • Select a doodad or unit, do this hotkey combo, then drag around your mouse to rotate it.

  • Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V

  • Copy / paste a unit or doodad. Also works with selected areas of terrain.

  • Page up / Page down

  • Use these to raise or lower a doodad.

    Boundaries / Grid Keys__________________________________________________________

  • Shift + H

  • Use this to show the placement grid. Must not be in gameplay view.

  • Ctrl + Alt + H

  • Shows map pathing. Must not be in gameplay view.

  • O

  • Hides / reveals boundary lines.

  • G

  • Shows grid lines. Must not be in gameplay view.

    Camera Keys_________________________________________________________________

  • V

  • Sets editor window to gameplay view.

  • Ctrl + Shift + C

  • Resets the camera to game view.

  • Alt + Right mouse click hold

  • Raises / lowers the camera.

  • Ctrl + Right mouse click hold

  • Orbits the camera.

  • Shift + Right mouse click hold

  • Zooms the camera.

    Universal Ultra Mega You-Will-Use-These-To-No-End Keys_______________________________

  • Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y

  • Undo / redo commands.

    I hope this lists helps cut down time in the creation of your projects, if not simply give you greater knowledge of the editors vast selection of tools.
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    You can also browse or change all of the editor hotkeys by using the menu File -> Configure Controls. There are even import/export commands in case you want to back up your hotkeys or share them with friends.
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    There is missing the ctrl + shift + left click to rotate. It kind of usefull. The "/" and "*" are really usefull as well turning the unit/doodads 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise.
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    you forgot / *
    rotate left-right
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    Also - turning off all units/doodads using layers will make it easier to focus on the terrain painting.

    I think its Shift-left button that moves the doodads while ignoring placement requirements. This makes it possible to stack doodads on top of each other. Also applies to units.
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    May want to add the < and > keys. These will shift through the various types of any particular doodad you have selected before pasting it.
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    You can also use
    to toggle doodad variations.
    Also, someone said + and - changes doodad scale... Actually, it changes doodad team colour - and so do the following keys:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = and backspace. Do note that the colour set is based off player colour - so if I have a colony ship and I set it to team 1, (hotkey 1), and team 1's colour is pink, then it will be pink too. Backspace sets it to neutral.
    Here's a link to a doodad with team colours:

    This works generally on any unit based doodad - marine corpse (although hard to see), wrecked colony ship, skygeirr marine houses, and even custom doodads that use models of certain units/structures (aka models with alpha channels). Do note that the decal will not change no matter what.
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    May want to add the < and > keys. These will shift through the various types of any particular doodad you have selected before pasting it.

    It will also shift thru doodads that you've already placed once you select them.
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    I use ctrl + T and ctrl + W frequently when in the trigger module. T makes a new trigger and W makes a new of whatever you have selected. So if you have a folder selected, you'll make a new folder. Action selected, new action, etc.
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