Reaper (Episode 2)

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honestly I has no idea who dah sh!t you are nor do I entirely care. I need to rain blood death and destruction on something so im off to do some vs AI on SC2 ...... I hope .....
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OOC: So nobody wants to get killed by me but when HBRB comes...


IC: "That's....incredible! So, what the hell do we do about dinner?"
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"SLNDERBURRITO IS HBRB! THE ONLY ONE WHO IS MORE EFFECTIVE AT SPREADING CHAOS THAN SMYLEZ AND MYSELF! And also, now to start formulating a plan to kill Terrance and find a way to blame it on a different character..."
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sorry SF but I STILL dont know who that is :P
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My eye starts twitching. "Search up Crash and read that RP. I haven't. But I know that the Changeling is in there."
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i have heard of this 'the Changeling' and its [Data Corrupted] ...... I probably wont look said RP up as I honestly dont really care.
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The Crash was not my best, in all honesty. The first, like, three chapters of that was me being young and childish, until the point where I began to formulate my own subplots which ran directly with Nait's own.
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With "the Reaper."

Actually, at the risk of giving something away: The Reaper might be interested in this and thus send someone disguised as a Reaper to spy. If I run into you in a chat or something I will explain further.

But for now, Reapers only please. I suppose Laura could be disguised as one or something.
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Go on, make an account, and send a note to me as UndergroundByDesign. We can discuss there. ^^
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"He is VyrmArmy on DA."
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OK, I have replied. Hopefully we can get this moving again.
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OCC: We going to continue this?

Allysa walks into the Firing Range, and begins firing again, waiting for the call-to-arms.
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Allow me to join?

Name: Zero
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: Always in a Psionic Suit, dark hair and blue eyes, no one can get quite a good look at him. A large scar goes down his cheek from dueling a great beast.
Armament: A Sniper Rifle that reloads faster than a zergling on crack. Also has gauss rifles, flamethrowers, pistols, and knives.
Abilities: PsiForm, Cloak, Snipe, Deploy AutoTurret, Deploy Shredder, Shadow Clone
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Knarled is just gona tell you to make a reaper *shakes head at the fool*
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dam. Well might as well get started.

Name: Jered
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black Hair, other than that looks like Tychus Findlay without his scar.

Is that good or should I take it to the PreRP?
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"No Pre RP. And better get started on Makenna killing Terrance. BUT DACDER DIDN'T TELL ME WHICH CABIN BEN WILL BE IN BEFORE HE F*CKING LEFT!" I rage quit the game of patience.
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Knarled never made a PRP so it belongs here ...... umm ..... looks ..... ok need more though go to original Reaper thread for a look at app people have used.
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12/29/2012 06:03 PMPosted by ShadowFury
No Pre RP

Good to know.
I just need to be in an RP right now so anything is helpful
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[Data Withdrawn Temporarily]
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Alright Xer, that looks fine (Reaper char). You can RP yourself arriving on a prison ship or something.

@Dacder: "Right here." I point. "This is the regular mess. Ordinarily it wouldn't be open now, but I anticipated your need and ensured its availability. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

EDIT - I just now realized Laura and Jered could arrive at the same time, and I (the Doctor) could be confused because I only exepcted one... hehehe.

Also, Laura is officially accepted now that that little bit of "top-secret discussion" is over.
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