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3v3 balance issues. Please read this.

Dear Blizzard,
Starcraft 2 is the only video game I play. I love it. I especially enjoy 3v3 games. I have played well over 1000 3v3 games. I have noticed some very frustrating balance issues that I can longer ignore.
The first and biggest is the issue of ramps. As Protoss I am forced to wall off using buildings, leaving one gap that a zealot on hold position will block. It has to be a full gap, not a half gap created by two corners of buildings touching. Immortals and other units can not get through half gaps. To test that the zealot is fully blocking the gap I try to get a probe past. Unfortunately this method of checking my walls sercurity does not always work. A probe will be blocked while zerglings can still stream through. I have absolutely no way to check the wall's integrity. The soft corners on many 3v3 maps make this a serious issue. The ramps need to be modified with a clear cut corner at the top that a zealot and two buildings can fully block. Otherwise blocking zergling run bys is a matter of chance. Some maps have larger ramps that require a third building, that makes this issue even more imperative.
In addition to this request I would like ramps to have enough building room at the top to build a pylon that can fully wall off. Ulaan Deeps for example has weird bumps just above a couple base's ramps that make it impossible to have a full wall off by adding a single building to the wall. The bumps either block the building's ability to be placed or add a little extra room for units to squeeze through.
I would also request that archons be allowed to move through single space gaps. Many times I have had to destroy a gateway in order to get my archons out of my base. This destroys my wall off and wastes apm and time. Archons are massive but I've seen nearly every other massive unit get through the same size gap no problem. I don't understand why Archons get stuck.
Along with all this, you have probably already guessed I do not like maps such as Monsoon or Silent Dunes. The double entrance to bases is a clear disadvantage to zergling run bys. These maps require a blind forge first build order that puts me at a disadvantage if zerglings are not coming.
One final specific balance issue deals with seige tanks on the map Temple of the Preservers. Seige Tanks can seige behind the gold mineral patches and hit the probe line on the opponents base. I have tried to preemptively place a cannon to block this but either from lack of sight or range the cannon is beaten by a seige tank that has sight. Even when my cannon is operational before seige tanks are in place the seige tank wins. The gap between the gold base and starting base needs to be lengthened or even shortened to stop this map abuse.
I hope these changes will thoughtfully be considered.
P.S. I will continue to post this message on Blizzard, Reddit, and any other forums I can in order to elicit a response or ,better yet, a change.
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I am making this request to you because I do believe you will agree with my points. If you have reasons for not making these changes I completely respect that. I am getting a lot of feed back that says no one cares and Blizzard won't change anything. I feel passionately about SC2 and its place in my life and that's why I'm making an effort to improve it for all games to come.
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Simple fix: use two !@#$ing zealots.
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mhh, i tought i responded to this thread in the afternoon but i dont the my reply.

First time i see a actuall real complain, and not just whine about team games. Yea is hard for protoss to wall, i play terran in 4v4 and i dont have problems usually, 2 six pools is very hard to defend by just one player, and sometimes teammate cant help because they will be just suiciding the little army they have.

My advice for you is this, instead of a wall in the ramp, make wall between the nexus and mineral line, is harder for they to micro, you dont need to move your probesfrom there and can micro it better, once the zealot is out it can take a bunch of lings if its the case.

Also i see people who makes a complete wall, and later sacrificing a pylon. (not a fan of this)

The other thing is scout early to know if its a ling rush, usually make pylon and send the same probe to scout and see what is coming
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