[Balance Request] Hive Tech Overhaul

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Now this is an interesting concept for a thread category.

Map Request: For the Hive Tech requirement, switch Infestor Pit with Hydralisk Den. Move Swarm Host tech to Hydralisk Den.

*Derived from original thread "Zerg Overhaul [Legitimate Proposal] *Vote Up!"

With the numerous Infestor design flaws, the initiating issue is the ease of accessibility of the Infestor. It is not optional to tech Infestor regardless of if you wish to use them in your game plan as by default they are available because Infestation Pit is a necessity.
This is the foundation of a "core" unit, one easily available.
In theory the Hydralisk, iconic symbol of The Swarm, should have been placed in this tech path of "core". A Hydralisk reform with fit a niche both mechanically & aesthetically.

Defining "Core". Example: Marine. Accessible, Symbiosis/Compatibility/Amity with the majority of other units, Cheap, Scales well with upgrades as the game progresses, Ground + AA potential, Decent/Mundane cost to stat ratio, Non-Detrimental small losses (Aside from early game).

I'm saying the Hydra should be the Zergs core unit, which can be done through redesign rather than only traditional +stat buffs. If you look at the viable compositions and Zerg strats that have been trending, it appears the only Zerg core unit is the infestor (which shouldn't be).
Zerg units have particularly blatant roles and niches, even tier 1 units. Nothing zerg has can compare to the general use Marine or Stalkerin relation to a "core" unit. The closest mirror would be the Hydralisk but they fall short even though they are a higher tier & for the cost +price of cost (risks).

True, the change could be seen as dratic. But is it really "too" radical to consider or even try?!
No (my vote)
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Hey Malzen, come check out my blizzard thread about balance request: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7593620801
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