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Void Ray+Colossus+Sentry 0.0

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Just had a game vs zerg, the zerg was pretty competent (probably around a diamond level), roach rushed me (I went FFE) But he did it in such a way that I almost lost my expo (targeting pylons, kiting roaches, etc) then transitioned into Roach/Hydra/Muta with upgrades. I was pretty much stuck on 2 bases because he had map control with the speedlings but couldn't break my contain so I went VR, harassed so he stayed home and got the Hydras...then I get the idea

"well Hydra beats VR and VR beats I need Colossus too...but what stops my colossus from getting owned? Mass force fields!"

Unit Composition:

10 Colossus
13 Void Ray
21 Sentries


17 Hydras
13 Roaches
32 Lings
10 Mutas

After the battle:

9 Sentries
11 Void Ray
10 Colossus

He had 2 Roaches left which ran back...for who knows what reason...GG
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so much gas....
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10 colo no corruptor? GG
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12/18/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Billinator
so much gas....

yeah that was a lot of gas.

12/19/2012 11:40 AMPosted by Hyperion
10 colo no corruptor? GG

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This is a VERY old composition... The reason why that Zerg army died is because the Zerg had a Tier 2 army trying to fight a mostly tier 3 army with a lot of VRs. And I agree, even with corruptors, that army is doomed to die. What was needed is a mix of Infestor/Corruptor with a modicum of Roaches, followed by Broodlords once the VRs die from Fungals and ITs + corruptor fire.
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