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Balancing Contamination

Contamination is an interesting spell that, unfortunately, never got much usage. The ability is basically a raiding tactic that very slightly delays production. The power to simply delay your opponent fits in very nicely with the overall 'feel' of the Zerg race, and the resulting blob of cancerous mass certainly looks cool.

However, even before the Overseer change in 1.4, most Zerg players at risk of Feedback prefer to waste energy by dropping Changelings rather than use Contaminate. The spell's high energy cost, combined with the only marginal delay and the fact Zerg players don't usually morph a great number of Overseers, makes the ability easy to forget about.

Concurrently, there is also some deal of grousing over the Corruptor. The unit has Corruption, a somewhat lackluster debuffing spell that requires micro and only hits a single target. Further, when compared to the other two races' air superiority fighter, the Phoenix and the Viking, the Corruptor has no harassment potential. A Viking can land and attack. A Phoenix can lift units with Graviton Beam. The Corruptor has no such equivalent, and is sometimes considered uninteresting because of it. When the Zerg has swept the skies, (or killed off the Colossi) he is often left with a cloud of now 'useless' fliers who can't really contribute in any way.

During the early days of Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard acknowledged that the Corruptor was one of their 'missed opportunity' units, and considered giving it a new ability. This feature was called 'Siphon', and it could damage enemy buildings for a minor resource return. It was meant to bring the Corruptor more in line with the other two by allowing it harassment potential. As of writing, the ability seems to have been axed.

What I suggest is moving Contaminate from the Overseer to the Corruptor. It would give the unit a chance to do something between battles, instead of simply waiting around and taking up supply until it can morph into a Brood Lord. This would also keep in the theme of the Corruptor, who right now doesn't really feel like it 'corrupts' anything.

As Destiny demonstrated with his DERP build, the ability would need to be carefully balanced. To keep the Corruptor (relatively) safe from the High Templar, the original Corruption was changed into a cooldown abilty. I would imagine Contaminate would be similar, having a timer that requires roughly the same cooldown period as a newly-hatched Overseer takes to build up 125 energy. This would allow a small cloud of Corruptors to harass, but also keeps them from sustaining an indefinite delay on production. Whether or not the Corruptor gets to keep Corruption, and what ability might replace it on the Overseer, is subject to balance.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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Makes sense. The Overseer would probably need another ability to replace it, but that could work.
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Someone suggested an ability similar to the Oracle's nixed Entomb ability. Basically, the Overseer could fly over some minerals and gunk up a few of them, probably only two or three patches. It wouldn't be ridiculously effective, just a minor annoyance. The gunk could be attacked to get it off, or expire after so long. This, I feel, is a very Zerg-like way of harassment. It's tricky and disgusting and not altogether going to kill someone. Just... disease them. Of course, it would probably cost 125-150 energy, or something high to keep a 0-supply caster from abusing it.
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the infinite stupidity of blizzard and mr kim will not alloud giving power to zerg
every time the zerg got something good ....they nerf it to oblivion grrr Rage and hate comes into my mind...

In fact they want to give buff the protoss............ Toss DONT need buffs they are TOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oracle cost decreased from 150/150 to 150/100 toss WOULD not stop walling theyr base this will buff cheesy 1 single oracule can kill like 40 workers in seconds..,
Dark Templar movement speed increased from 2.813 to 3.375 this is a BS change not needed!! Dt Can kill a units in 1 shot not even the most powerfull zerg unit can do this! same as the OPlossus

I dont know if protoss are the role model race to atract noobs to sc or some sort of propaganda race to atract ppl. but there are many things and ideas outthere in many forums saying the same thing I do.
here I go!
contaminate = 1) I like the idea of rabbithazzard to propose make this skill not energy instead making it
into a cooldown abilty , or lower energy to 100 or starting with 75 energy or increasing the contaminate time from 30 to 60 seconds AS IT SHOULD BE! when they nerf something they forgot to mention the rule "you nerf something at the same timeyou buff something" this ability is SOO useless right now nobody almost use it becose it was sooo Nerfed.
2) Pylon when contaminated SHOULD stop powering things
3) contaminate SHOULD stop photon cannon from shooting
vs T:
1) ALL contaminated structures CANNOT be repaired or healed
vs Z
tired of muta crap this will stop muta massers and pay for theyr mistake with this changes to contaminate can dictaminate a dominance over the muta masser

protoss is the only race that is the exception of the rule of this they NEED a weackness
just just watch the protoss is the only EXCEPTIONAL race that cant contaminate theyr defences why?????????
this changes are needed to stop the early now actual cheesy photon cannon agression and the counter is extremely difficult to stop right now specially when the cannons are backup with units and templars storm.
extremely early in the game. dont teel me the bs to scout becose pylons build so fast and zerg not even have 1 zergling at that time.
neural parasite = make it permanent, and like a missile same as campaign , change the cost to mp and range same as 9 or 10. dark archons in BW they can perma from big range and from same cost as now.
this skill is so useless right now.
inyect larva = autocast, and heal units like in campaign ( healing units cost less like a terran medic)
creep tumor =no energy required from queen , make it autocast
BRING BACK THE LURKER to MULTIPLAYER!!! to stop bio crap from terrans
why not adding the Aberration to Mp?? that would be so sweet
pls increase range of corruptor or increase his damage
shut up the damn worm noise, protoss dont make any noise or warning in the left when they make theyr mothercrap...
show some zerg love
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It would probably be better to simply ditch the corruptor, allowing either mutalisks to turn into brood lords or make brood lords directly and then devising an entirely different airborne unit, possibly one with a passive area attack or other effect.
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Uh...wrong section buddy. =p
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12/26/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Retloclive
Uh...wrong section buddy. =p

look at the date, this thread is over a year old.
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ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol
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12/26/2013 10:52 AMPosted by DarthCaedus
Uh...wrong section buddy. =p

look at the date, this thread is over a year old.

Responding to the post above that's only four days old. If that irritates you tough $#it.
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12/26/2013 10:58 AMPosted by Retloclive
ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol

What are you? A frakking seal rearing up and slapping your flippers begging for a fish from DarthCaedus?
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