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blink stalker all in

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I actually can't play HoTS so this is just theorycrafting, but wouldnt blink stalker all in's vs terran be almost impossible to stop on certain maps?

You don't even have to get an observer anymore, so you can just get 3 gateways and blink asap and power stalkers.(since you can use mothership core to blink into the main).
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It is hard to stop, true, but not impossible. It requires the Terran to use bunkers upon scouting, get widow mines + marines (and 1-2 marauders), and micro hard. It also cautions Terrans to be really careful when 1 rax expanding which the blink/MS Core all-in punishes quite heavily.
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on certain maps, yeah like Korhol city. I lost 2 blink all-ins today, seems the trick is to not expand if you suspect it and go rauder heavy. Mines do not counter this for 2 reasons.

1) blink micro can evade mine after they fire (40 sec CD but no dmg done)
2) MSC has detect
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I was not suggesting mines alone...

Mines 1 shot stalkers for less cost, and are ready for another round of firing by the time Protoss' Warpgate cooldown is done. This makes Mines uber cost-efficient. Another thing. You're building bunkers and marines and marauders, which will all have a combined effect of denying blink stalkers ANY ground to push in.

What is needed is good scouting and preparing.

MS Core Envision is temporary and costs 50 energy per cast, which means that for the mines to get shot at, the MS Core and Stalkers would need to get in range of mine fire and/or bunker fire. As long as those are positioned correctly, as a result of good preparation and scouting, the all-in should do little to no damage to the Terran. And, yes, I agree with the don't expand if the build is scouted, or at least, do not invest any more than the 1 CC, and keep teh CC in the main.

Hell, it can even be used as a path-blocker to make it incredibly bad to blink into the Terran base with mines doing splash damage to Stalkers blinking into a choke-point created by the CC and a bunker in proximity.

I think that the Blink all-in is overrated and it is just the frustration of Terrans speaking when they say it is impossible to stop. There is no basis in fact.
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Mines no longer one-shot stalkers, and blink has been nerfed (again) :P
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How was blink nerfed?
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Blink was nerfed and if you scout this you can build a bunker *gasp* inside your main.
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