Starcraft II could have been a great game but for one thing, no pause feature. It has no feature so that you can pause your game and issue orders to your units and buildings, and un-pause and have them accept it. The lack of this feature ruins the game. It throws almost all military tatics and planning out the window. With the speed of the game, particularly on brutal, what do you have time to do? You have to choose, because you only have 2 seconds before the next attack. Do you add troopers to your queue, build a building, or move your exisiting troops? You cannot do even a tenth of the stuff you want or need to do as a good general. The game devolves from being an excellent real-time game that employs military skill and planning, into just generating a bunch of troops and hurling them at eachother without having time to do anything else. I am a vetren of RTS gaming, from Age of Empires, to Command & Conquer and what these games had was a pause feature. It is sad, and for the life of me I cannot think why this basic and needed feature wasn't added to Starcraft II.
So I turn to the modding community? Is there a way to add this feature? Is there a mod out there which I am not aware that employs this feature? Can somebody grant me this New Year's wish of working on one, if it is possible?
Thanks for any help and Happy New Year,