Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 17)

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@Zanon: You're the 2nd person to actually welcome me, but I already know who you are.

*I dizzily hold up a sign* (Stop using these Psionic Coolers to harm [or not harm] me!!! I'm getting sick of this. I really gotta stop ordering Psionic Coolers)
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I gave that to him in his failed RP thread quoted of course but it has more effect when you do it <.< >.< >.>

EDIT: I load a psionic cooler into my Judgement rifle, point it at xer and pull the trigger. I then put away my rifle and turn back to my laptop trying to get some more achieves on SC2.
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I shrug. "You just say, 'Give me this drink.' If the right person is around, they'll give it to you. As it is...consider this warm up for your initiation."
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I strap xer down to an operating table and bring out a large machine with about 500 needles on the end filled with psionic cooler. "This wont hurt a bit." I say as the machine starts jabbing the needles into him.
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*I hold up a sign* (Oh great... I forgot about my initiation.)
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I shoot the machine then disintegrate Mecha again. "Bad Zergling!"
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"Ehh its already loaded him up" I say as I reform as an Ultralisk sized kitten
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I shrink Mecha down to normal size. "Knock that !@#$ off, or you'll be in the Containment Zone." I say, and rip Mecha's eyes out.
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I disintegrate Mecha again. "NO CATS DAMNIT!"
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Guys a lot of you are forgetting about project Res

This includes:
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You know what... Maybe because Jester has been busy playing Halo 4... And what'll you know? Dacder's on vacation...
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Dacder is unable to post right now. Jester is....preoccupied, and Koro is forgetful.
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Dacder will be scratched off as his char just got decapitated
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I checked with him already, he's ok with it.
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Someone should start up Outbreak, JANE, and Breakout
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Talk to Koro about Outbreak. He's the only DM worthy of it.
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Well then that's impossible as I have no way of contacting him.
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Well, my character is attacking drones, and their all dead anyways, so w/e.
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"Xer, I am the one to give initiations."
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Well, I may be screwed....
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