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Bronze 4v4 team Rank 23 Vs Diamond Top 25

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Hello i am a bronze 4v4 team currently rank 23,
We have been playing with people way above our Rank
The last game we have played is Diamond top 25 4v4, Gold top 25 4v4, Silver Top 25 4v4, Bronze Top 8

Now this seems very unfair to us considering we are not even top 8..... Its 2013 season 1 just beginning and this is our placements ... i feel like i can take silvers but diamonds are way above my skill level especially

Why am i versing these ranks... ?
would like Blizzard Employee to explain
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game right after had a master top 50.... can this game !@#$ing put me with my rank !
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This is how team match making works...

The system tries to match you evenly... considering the collective MMR of the players on the team...

after awhile.... 'the search is expanded' ... this includes people better and worse than you. Because you are bronze... there are many more teams better than you out there than there are equal or lower than you.

Therefore when your team searches and the system cannot find a team and expands the search you get the mismatch. 4v4 is not a popular gametype therefore mismatches are much more common.

I am a 4v4 lover... and this is just how it is. If your team can stick together... and play through the losses youll get better and better if u pay attention to how you lost. Eventually youll be the IMBA diamond team facing the lower ranked teams.
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If you are playing with 4 guys, as a complete team, and they match you against guys who are not a team, they may or will be higher levels than you. Why? i dont know, but that is how it works. A silver team may be put against some masters and diamonds, i guess is because you are a team you are supposed to be better or have a strategy made, and the randoms dont.

Just guesses
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This is how the matchmaking system for teams works......

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Hey NovaVitality,

I recently played with 3 friends of mine in 4v4s and we got ranked as a team in silver. As a 4v4 random I'm in diamond, but my friends are bronze/silver. I noticed that the players we were put against always had 1 diamond/plat maybe a gold and then silver/bronze. In my case I guess it would make sense, but maybe you're in a similar situation? Are you playing with 3 friends and being ranked as a team? Or are you playing random teams?
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