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anyone else here feel that this new expansion is more like *LotV* than *HotS*?
i.e. the protoss are favored in the zergs expansion -_-
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Give them a week, most of the developers are getting off there holiday break and we will soon see what they have in store for the WOL units.
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Well, the issue is that they had zerg mapped out from the beginning. They then started tinkering with terran and protoss matchups and now they got themselves into this mess. Right now, zerg are not getting as much attention as the other races because there are more troubling issues to deal with within the other races. They'll probably do something to zerg to help them at some point. I would like to think we're not being ignored. If we are, once HotS is released to the general public, many more people will have access to it, and pros will start to hold tournaments and other stuff. Essentially, balance will never be done before the beta is over. Once the game is played by everyone who ever wanted and can afford a copy, blizzard will have an easier time determining balance issues. Hopefully.

TL;DR: this is the beta, balance issues are almost never resolved before the launch date. Just wait a little longer.
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It's not the zerg multiplayer expansion. It's an expansion that has a zerg campaign. I'd be upset if one race got more than the rest just because it's 'their' expansion.
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01/08/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Evertras
It's not the zerg multiplayer expansion. It's an expansion that has a zerg campaign. I'd be upset if one race got more than the rest just because it's 'their' expansion.

Terran and toss got more then zerg in WoL. Terran and toss got more then zerg in HotS. Be upset

A big issue is that since beta opened Terran and Toss have had entire patches practically dedicated to them multiple times while zerg has received very minor changes or things flat out removed from teh original reason to play zerg in hots. No nydus changes, minor hydra changes, infesting bbunkers gone, burrow charge gone, burrow moving blings gone, overseer change didnt happen, corruptor change didnt happen, etc. Meanwhile you have Terran and toss practically redesigned with new options from early to mid to late game to completely shatter the playstyles. Zerg on the other hand is still doing the same as it did in WoL which is power drone till you get hive tech or die. You abosultuely need Vipers in every match up as is and infestors are nearly useless vs bio now because medivacs out heal fungals dmg cuz of the new upgrade
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iv pretty much only been playing hots and the only "new" units i actually try to use are the buffed ultra and mutalisk. i still dont bother with hydras and never really cared to try out the swarm host.
it just seems the other two races are even more synergistic now. toss has tempest (forces engagements), carrier micro, oracle, etc
terran has widow mine(completely owns early game), medivac heal upgrade is cray cray(roflstomps most everything), etc
i still like zerg over the other two, but, it just seems kinda,,, lackluster. or something like that

but i get its still in beta (: fingers crossed
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WoL went through a beta test and reaper speed didn't require a factory until months after the game released.

These things take time.

Reapers are still borked, I'm not certain they're the best example to use... Or maybe they are...
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zerg in hots is gonna be stale. Every zerg is playing the same way we did in WoL with 0 changes. Hydra speed isnt really doing much anymore. Even less now that terrans dont need to research siege. swarm host is nonexistent past bronze. Vipers are hive tech just like the other units zerg has to have to win. Just look at the patch notes and you see every patch is very very toss or terran dominant while zerg are left on the backburner just like we were back in WoL beta
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Meanwhile, over at Blizzard:

Blizz guy A: "Hmmm guys how can we convince the community that we want Terran to be competitive and stop getting yelled at by the community"?

Blizz guy B: "Well.... lets make a whole slew of completely random nonsensical changes to terran... I am not sure if they are buffs or nerfs but it will not matter"

Blizz guy A: "Yea... good idea, let's do some stupid !@#$ to the failbat so that it fails differently now, and make reaper changes that are so confusing that they can't yell at us just yet."

Blizz guy B: "Good... good. Then lets leave chain fungal completely untouched, but take a tad of the damage off of armored units, which it doesn't kill anyway, so basically no change at all"

Blizz guy A: "Excellent! Man our system of balance is awesome!"

Blizz guy B: "It sure is, now let's get back to that raid group in WOW."

I'm thinking the conversation went something like this.
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what makes me sad is, blizzard is giving other races "more" options, skytoss/mechterran...
while they are "removing" our options, now going blords against toss is suicide (thats what ive heard, dunno myself); infestors are getting nerfed over and over again, mutas are out of the map in zvt now...

i dont expect them to only work on one race or the other, but the same way that a t/p player might "rather" to go mech instead of bio or go stargate instead of robo, i "like" to go infestor/BL;
nerf it if its op i dont care, but they shouldnt "remove" it from our options imo

just my thoughts
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For me in beta it pretty much roach/hydra adn add viper at hive every game except ZvZ where its constant muta battles
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give it time. things get buffed so more people will use it. the more people who use it, the more feedback they get. the more feedback they get, the better they can nerf it. the more they nerf it, the fewer people will use it. the fewer people who use it, the more they buff it. the more they buff it the more people use it....
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01/08/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Evertras
It's not the zerg multiplayer expansion. It's an expansion that has a zerg campaign. I'd be upset if one race got more than the rest just because it's 'their' expansion.

Then you should be upset as to Terran having the most stuff via WoL.

The point is that through the development of the Zerg campaign, there should be plenty of new concepts, ideas, and applications of units, spells, race mechanics, etc., that could potentially see multiplayer introduction, in addition to the pressing matter of fleshing out the Zerg race that's already present.

What we've seen so far is basically a noted lack of all of this. Less new unit introduction to the race with already the least number of units, early game mobile anti-air remains unlooked at, mid-game AoE has taken a huge hit via Infestor nerfs without something to replace it, Swarm Hosts are a dubious form of mid-game map control. Most Zerg changes are minor introductions to units that already exist: the Hydra, the Muta, and the Ultra.
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