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I wanted to post this in HOTS forum to see if it gets more traction. But I think this idea will get more people to play HOTS and the campaign or just play it more in general.

So Blizzard, this is directed at you. I have an idea for additional income for Starcraft. If we look at LoL and Dota, they currently implement a pay for loot system. So like buying a character's skin, or weapon, and such. Well the question is, why don't you do the same thing for Starcraft? And this will help with your new "Experience" system, because some loot you get just from playing.

And here is the main point, people will play a lot more to try and earn this stuff, and they will definitely go to the store to buy some of it, and then want to play more to see it in action. I know i would, and i know all my friends would, I have asked. I would keep playing games just to earn a cool electric bolt over my marines when they stim, or play the campaign, etc.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about;

Marine stim symbol; this is the green lightning bolt, why not make variations, like an electric looking bolt, or other things that would represent a stim just happened. And like dota you can earn one of these by playing lots of games, or buy one in the blizz store for like a $1.00

Hi Temp: Storm, instead of the standard electricity cloud, make the cloud something else, like a storm cloud with electricty coming out of it.

And you can do skins for your races; like instead of just red, you can have a design skin or even a different gun for marines.

Medivac boosters or healing beam: Have the boosters attached be different, and the healing beam can be different as well.

There are endless possibilities you can do with this in my opinion.

This would make the game more fun for people to play, and tournaments could implement a standard skin use only, so that it does not affect spectating.

Please if anyone agrees, let Blizzard know!!!!!!
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Blizzard usually focuses more on the HotS Beta forums, not this one. In fact, this is one of the less active forums.

I can post this on the HotS Beta forums if you don't have a beta key.
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Yes please do, thank you!
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Thanks for re-posting.
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Cool idea.
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I hate games which make me pay more on top of what i paid for it. It isn't worthwhile to pay and if you do pay you feel obligated to play more and more. This is exactly why I don't play WoW.
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I came up with a good system for additional purchases, additional purchases being something Blizzard has expressed interest in.

New units, albeit not for multiplayer. It is a well known fact that their are hundreds of units that didn't make into the game in any form so... sell us them. One group of units (IE, barracks, robo facility, hive tech, but also more specialized, IE barracks ranged, barracks support, barracks spellcaster, barracks melee, et cetera), complete with a fully updated models, animations, and programming, for, say, five bucks for the set.

In addition, new skins for existing units (as was done with dark templars) is possible. Female zealots, high templar, marines, siege tanks, as well as zerg with different markings and such are all feasible. These could come with different voice tracks for gendered versions.

New tilesets, again useful for map-makers, are also possible. To prevent people from simply playing a map with these assets and using them without buying them, I've come up with a system.

You can play any map, even if you've not got the assets yourself. However, to actually make and publish a map yourself with these bonus assets, you must purchase them. It would be very easy to make a check that sees whether you've purchased them yourself before it allows you to upload the map.
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Yes, please petition more unfinished products for the price of a finished product. Starcraft is not an MMO, and it does not need mini transactions, let alone for things like tilesets. Just how detached from reality are you people?
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You... know Blizzard has said they're doing microtransactions outright, right?
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