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Can you move inventory position?

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Hi guys!

So basically, I have this hero, and this hero has an inventory aligned to the right, BUT!!!

I don't want the inventory aligned at the bottom right. I want the inventory aligned at the top right. How do I go about doing this?
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Also, if anyone has time to answer this one too,

I'm using the trigger editor. I have a trigger made to make an advanced transmission. I am using the Raynor marine model to make the portrait on the left side of the screen.

How do I make the Raynor model's lips move. Right now, he just stares at you like an idiot even though there's text of him talking in the transmission.
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For the portrait, when the text comes up you'd also have to "Send Actor Message to Actor (from portrait)." Normally you can open a portrait model in the data editor but Raynor's portrait isn't coming up for some reason. But the message you would send is probably "Talk." He probably has several additional animations too like "Talk 01" "Talk 02" etc you could try out.

Not sure about the inventory. Never used them.
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You have to edit the SC2 UI Layout files. Forewarning, its not easy and a lot of it is hardcoded and wired into one another, but I can assure you it IS possible (I've done it).

There is a problem due to the way the inventory UI was original designed, and that is a lot of it is "locked" into place, however you can get around this if you edit the inventory's primary container (it takes a LOT of patience and trial and error)

It also depends on the functionality you want in it. For example, you can use the 9+ slot inventory method on sc2 mapster, but then you lose the ability to customize your hotkeys via the sc2 options (you can still use hotkeys, you just have to hard code it and players wont be able to customize it).

For the default inventory, its pretty much hard coded into the game, and can really only be moved left or right via the SC2 UI files, however this does not mean it's impossible. In order to reposition it to the top right, you'd have to shrink the entire inventory UI window (believe it or not, its invisible and it takes up the full screen).

That should get you started. If you need more information, look up Renee's inventory method tutorial or my 9 slot inventory tutorial on
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