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Cannot select race or match type

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DNS changing to google worked for me.
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I have this problem on my laptop (which I play on more frequently). My desktop on the other hand is just fine. Same house, same internet connection.

My laptop runs win8 as opposed to win7 on my desktop, which is the only real difference I can think of. Changing the DNS to Google's public servers worked for me. I'm guessing they moved the servers and stuffed up the TTL?
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Changing my password here worked for me:
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SAME HERE ! Tried their !@#$ ideas.... didnt work, fix your %^-* morons
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same thing here, after i was fed up doing dailies and lvling in wow i came back to SC2 and now this . Nothing , no match types or race selection, its all VOID. seing how many ppl have this issue i think you guys should try to find a prompt solution from your end as well. a fix or anything , you guys are really making me regret coming back to this game ....
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Still not working, need a fix please
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i have been having this problem too . it was fine all morning i go and come back and now nothing !!!!!
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Hey mindles, can you try these steps, and let us know how it goes?

1) Reset your network to clear any residual connections and cache.
2) Flush the DNS Cache.
3) Delete the Variables.txt file from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II
4) Delete these files.
5) Run the Repair.

Rate me!
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Same here; happens intermittently.

In general, the seems to have a 50% chance of just completely failing to load properly.
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Hey mindles, can you try these steps, and let us know how it goes?

1)" class="bml-link-url2">Reset your network</a> to clear any residual connections and cache.
2) [url=""]Flush the DNS Cache[/url].
3) Delete the Variables.txt file from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II
4) Delete these [url=""] files[/url].
5) Run the [url=""]Repair[/url].


These directions are pathetically bad. The one link you submitted to delete files leads absolutely no where. Directories are referred to that don't exist and it seems that no one on the staff has a Windows 8 computer to even write support as the directions would lead some to be confused. You can't press windows + Q to find "my computer" on 8.1...which has been out for more than 6 months now.
Also..the problem seems to be if there is more than one folder in the starcraft 2 directory. Deleting the older folder seems to have fixed the issue on my machine.

Also interesting to note: both my old (6 months now) and new password work for logging into starcraft but not other games. ??????????????????????????????????
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Why has this still not been fixed?! I get this all the time. Usually if I log in and wait for my portrait rank border to show up, it's all good. But tonight, that border does not show up. When I go to Matchmaking, all it displays are the "Select Mode" and "Select Race" labels and a disabled Play button with a lock icon next to it stating I need to upgrade my copy of StarCraft II. I have HOTS so that doesn't make any sense. I really wish Blizzard would put some effort into this.

As a software engineer, I can understand how hard a particular bug is to track down but if you have an environment where it's reproducible, it can be diagnosed and fixed. I can reproduce it almost daily so all Blizzard would need to do is contact me and I could troubleshoot it with them. But they have to care enough to do that. :(
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