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What is the best way to use fungal? Do I just spam F and fungal or use shift? Also, how do I decide whether to spam infested terrans or use fungal?
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Personally, I like using the spam F approach, then Shift + Right Click back. And I would choose based off of the unit you are facing. Zealots or Lings, for example, you should always Fungal so they can't get in range or Stalkers so that they can't Blink. Usually, I spam ITs of I'm going up against a unit with a slower firing rate, like Siege Tanks. Just make sure you spread them out to minimize splash damage
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Don't ever spam fungal. You should cast very few fungals in most battles. For the most part it is used to keep units in place and add decent dps to clumped units. Casting multiple fungals at the same time to the same units will just waste precious infestor energy.

Infested terrans can be spammed, however. Move to a location and shift spam infested terrans at that location. If you do it right you can spawn all the infested terrans at the same time which is often a significant advantage.

If I have only a few infestors, I usually save energy for a few fungals. If I have many infestors, I use fungals and infested terrans. The fungals force the enemy to fight and the infested terrans are a great addition for DPS and even taking some damage.

Infested terrans are also good choices for leading a charge (to take siege tank blasts). They can also be useful for harassment, assistance with killing air units, or protecting infestors from a 1-2 units where fungals would be wasted.

The choice of when to fungal or make infested terrans is not easy. When unsure, I stick to mainly fungals when few infestors and both fungals and infested terrans in big battles if I have many high energy infestors. In any major battle where the enemy cannot effectively retreat (e.g. fungal holding them in place), spamming infested terrans is a good idea because you can afford to lose the energy to kill the army.
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If you select four Infestors and then press "F" and then click, which Infestor casts Fungal and then which one casts it next? Do you need to press "F" each time?
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01/15/2013 12:47 PMPosted by Migrax
If you select four Infestors and then press "F" and then click, which Infestor casts Fungal and then which one casts it next? Do you need to press "F" each time?

The nearest to where you click will cast it. And the next nearest will cast it after that. You can press "F" each time, or once and hold "Shift"
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