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Hey guys, does anyone know how to access which player has access to which upgrades in the Starcraft 2 editor?

e.g. I may want player 2 to be able to research stim packs, but not player 1. I know the old Warcraft 3 editor could do stuff like this.
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BUMP! For great knowledge!
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My editor knowledge is a joke so expect much but,

maybe make the first Terren that you don't want to be able to research stim a custom race with every thing else the same except no stimpack, or just at a riduculous price like 99999999 minerals, 9999999 gas.

Or make the first player start with 1 custom resource which is required for stim and the other not so stim would cost 100 minerals 100 gas and 1 custom resource
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I guess that's one way to do it
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You can make a trigger that applies a behavior on every unit that enters the field depending on player. Then make new/change validators on the abilities you want to restrict to either require the behavior on the unit or require the behavior is not on the unit. This is probably how Monobattles does it.
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