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Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

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No, it's not illegal. As long as you're downloading it to your computer, for you and only you to play.
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01/12/2013 12:28 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
No, it's not illegal. As long as you're downloading it to your computer, for you and only you to play.
It wouldn't even matter because you need a CD Key and an account in order to play.
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He didnt say STARCRAFT. He said a game he liked and Starcraft desnt need to be in da disk drive to play.
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*Guns were pointed at Mecha for an honest mistake*
And actually... I didn't even say Starcraft either. :P
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True True CR, True True.
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*My Squad packs up and load themselves into the Shuttle... *
I'll be back, I have to put some finishing touches at my place. The Blood Stains I just realized are still there.
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LOLOLOL people are !@#$%in about us fillin up the pop topic lists and a few of them have made very offensive comments against us.
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01/12/2013 06:44 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
LOLOLOL people are !@#$%in about us fillin up the pop topic lists and a few of them have made very offensive comments against us.
Just don't bait them... Just listen their ranting for complaining about something that isn't even worth complaining about. Plus they probably chose the weekends anyway because Blizzard isn't on to lock their thread or delete it. So just watch and laugh.
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So what have I missed?
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"Not much xer." I start nomming on my wings. "The payment is back in the pizzeria Taedaris."
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"The game is already downloaded. I just can't play it because of the disc drive being broken."
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I look at Discord, and chuckle a little.
"Discord, good to see that you backed yourself up while we were gone... do you still have your memories of Earth?"
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*I ready up a jar that would soon have Zanon's Royalties put into it*
And one thing I forgot to mention that I'll probably put up as one of the many "Rules." No eating the contestants or monsters.
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Taedaris comes back in, grabs a few bottles of Lorian Blue Rum from my stores, and leaves.
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I wonder.... I'll have a Psionic Cooler that won't end up doing something terribly wrong to me...
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Taedaris walks back in and makes a Psionic Cooler, beating Xer with it then dumping it on his head.
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At least its back to being hit with them....
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As if to counter act that statement, I walk in and shove a Psionic Cooler up xer's butt. "Oh, you wanted to drink that, didn't you?"
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Someon should make an RP like CPOK in which the Dominion has just unveiled its newest battleship which has an uber powerful weapon that can shoot a small black hole to omnomnom things (black holes die unless they grow big enough) and Umoja or Kel Moria secretly enlists help from forces from both Terran Protoss and Zerg (and also they will pay like the spectres did) to blow it up and so these forces land on a remote planet and send a beacon out luring the Mega Battleship and its fleet and since it cannot use its omnomnom cannon on the ground fearing it could grow to large the Dominion seds task forces lead by some other chars and the rag tag forces would have to best back the Dominion and eventually build up an impressive force before the awesome final space battle. Just an idea cause I liked CPOK and the idea of the Dominion developing a black hole gun.
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The Zanons both wave a hand, but only one of them flies into the far wall. "Little hard to coppy psionics eh Discord?"

The Zanon that got slammed into the wall apears to melt and form a glowing blue and gold spheroid. You recognize it as a discontinued Protss unit.
"Yes I remember my time on Earth. Bloody slow tech. And I don't make a habit of making duplicates of myself. Too much chaos if they are not all in communication."
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