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For the Protoss Xpac: Builder Archetypes

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Okay, so basically the idea is this, in an effort to allow people to customize the way they play (I realize that's not exactly a staple of the game just bear with me, and I'll help you understand what I'm talking about), we allow for builders, which are basically a setup of perks and unit choices, that you set up before the match begins. This would also entail adding a sort of leveling system.

My idea would be that they add a leveling system for each race, where you play as that race, you get xp for all three races, but you get more (based on your performance) for the race you play as.

Perks would be things like Efficiency: chance of training an additional unit upon completion of each unit (zerg) or Martyr: chance for each unit to explode upon its death, unless they already do, in which case it increases damage done (protoss) or Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock: combines the second and armor third upgrades into one but increases the time and resources it takes to get this upgrade by 25% (terran)

You notice that the perks had races at the end, that doesnt mean that they can only be used for that race, it only means thats the race you need to level to obtain the perk, so all perks would be usable by all races.

Also as far as unit choices go, if you notice the HotS Xpac adds units, but it also removes some. So say you like some units, like the mothership core, but you prefer the carrier over the tempest, or you prefer the firebat over the hellion, etc. this would allow you to chose.

You may be worried that those at level one would be no match for those at higher levels, but to counter that you will have access to the first couple perks to chose from, allowing you to still customize your builders, but to a lesser degree.

You also may be worried that something like this would lock you into a strategy. Not so, in fact you would be able to set up up to (let's say) 6 Builders before hand and every 15 minutes (and once at the start of the game) you can chose one.

Why would this be a good thing? because it would open the game up for more people, make the game more addictive by adding a reason to return beyond just to maintain their rating and it would allow for more tactics in a tighter game.
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So, we make the game more open to other people by making it into Call of Duty?
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