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Zealot targetting workers?

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Been working zealot harass vs t and z but I seem to have problems A-moving zealots into mineral lines. For example vs zerg, I'll shift attack a few workers, but after the zealots are done killing them they'll run all the way around a hatch to try and hit a queen, rather than continuing to plunder the mineral line.

What's the best way to fix this? Hold position in the mineral line ?
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You can't fix it. That's the point, hold position doesn't do much because you can only hit a few workers in a few certain spots. It's not like lings where they are free and you have a million of them and their DPS destroys a mineral line in 2 seconds even with hold position.
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Hold position is still really good if their attention is being drawn elsewhere (like 1 marine in a bunker or something). Then you can kind of set it and go do something else.. almost all the time they'll at least pay for themselves.
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Shift click workers individually.
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This is a Game Mechanic that's been around since Starcraft I. All units have an Attack Priority, meaning units are given a value in battle. Units with the highest Attack Priority will be attacked first in combat.

All combat units have an Attack Priority of 20, and Workers have a Priority of 10 when they are mining. If your Zerg opponent has a Queen near his Drones, and you send your Zealot via A-move, the Zealot will target the Queen first because the Drones are mining while the Queen, being a Combat unit, has the higher priority.

To get past this, the Zealot must target-fire the Workers to ignore the Attack Priority mechanic.
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You'll thank the target priority at some point.

(unless you're using colossus to attack into a base and the effing colossus decide to target fire the rax. haha)
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