How to properly use Neural Parasite?

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Just curious on how everyone properly uses neural parasite. In most of my attempts I have failed due to long range units targeting my Infestor before I have a chance to control a unit. I have attempted the strategy of mass units attacking while sending in my Infestor to start to turn the tides by neural parasiting large units like siege tanks or protoss carriers but what I notice is I am typically targetted very quickly before I am able to get off minimum of 3 - 5 seconds of having control of the enemies units.

Just curious what everyone elses strategies are and how long are you able to keep your neural parasite in place before your infestors get killed?

Thanks in advance

A Zerg Player
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I haven't used neural parasite in over a year. It's not easy to get a situation where you can control a unit worth spending 100 energy on without suiciding your infestor. Colossus and carriers can target them down for protoss and tanks can target them even better for terran. I suppose against a protoss going zealot/archon you could take the archons, but I can't imagine much use for it outside of that.
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At this point, the only functionality of Neural Parasite is against a Terran opponent with a large volume of Thors. This is the only way to cost-effectively counter mass Thor: with THEIR Thors.

Don't bother researching it against another Zerg.
All Protoss units have crippling range. It can sometimes work against unwary Motherships and save your Infestor/Broodlord composition from the toilet.
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i find it pretty good against robo, so long as you're able to outmicro the protoss. no, your infestor won't be able to make full use of the time if the toss player has any skill whatsoever, but a few shots from an immortal is 100ish dammage not on your roaches and onto a stalker. and if you can work in some fungals, you can increase the potential damage output pretty well.
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Certainly not a high level player, but I tend to skip it. I always thought it was fun to see someone manage to snag a Mothership and do a baneling toilet on the protoss army, though. Justice be done, indeed.
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try to use on the high ground when your opponent cant get vision if possible, so that your infestors are invincible while mind controlling.
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I had a good use of NP a while back. 'Toss player was moving his army around the cliff of my main base, streaming in reinforcements from a proxy while my partner and my re-spawning army was forming up. Needed to buy time, so I started using NP on passing immortals to draw out some of the stalkers and slow down the reinforcements. Did enough that my partner and I were able to push back out of the team (2v2) natural to stem the flow and push back.
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I see only two viable uses of neural parasite. One is against protoss. Neural parasite the mothership, and if you survive long enough, you can vortex their deathball, rendering them vulnerable to chain fungals. The other one is against terran, and it is basically oh no, they have a lot of thors, let's neural parasite a few so their dps doesn't wipe out my army. That's essentially it. Long story short, neural parasite is extremely situational and is often not worth the upgrade cost.
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The concept is not bad, but the skill is simply useless in a real battle. It should be remade.
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Use it on enemy workers and get yourself more supply and a larger variety of units!
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01/13/2013 02:03 PMPosted by Tibarn
Use it on enemy workers and get yourself more supply and a larger variety of units!

Unfortunately in SC2, you don't get more supply, they are counted against your original supply.
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You can stop carriers from running away from ITs wih it slightly better than fungal.
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Neural is situational and a lot of people decide that it's not worth getting the upgrade because of that. However... Neural parasite on immortals, archons, and thors yeilds great results. The problem is they rely on unit formations and how the enemy is controlling their army. Still, if your patient and let them make mistakes, we have seen it yield great results even at the pro level.

It's a relatively cheap upgrade and has the potential to swing battles. Just don't suicide them trying to neural the units on the back line. Dance around until you get the engagement you want.
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It's really good against Immortals. If they go Collollsus don't even bother.
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dont use it
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Neural Parasite a Probe - make a Nexus - build Protoss and Zerg army - GG
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Random thought that I'll have to test. Can you NP a Drone and have them build a Spine Crawler in their own mineral line? When it completes, will it still be considered yours and attack the drones? Also, will the enemy get an attack notification for the NP being cast?

Not that I'd really do this in game except for trolling.
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make 6 infested terrans instead and kill whatever it is you were considering stealing.

There are very few situations where neural is actually good. 99% of the time the opponent is going to be killing the infestors before anything happens.

1 - mothership. don't expect it to work, but it can have such big consequences that it is worth having the option. Don't send all your infestors after the mothership. Instead, flank with one or send one out ahead of your army, especially when he is moving his army becuase the mothership might lag behind.

2 - archons. The only unit worth grabbing that will be at the front of his army. This is especially true if you are fighting vs an air based toss who is relying on archons to splash your corruptors. grab the archons.

3 - protoss recall harass. If you ever see this, neural as many units as you can so he can't recall them away.

4 - neural enemy overlords in zvz to supply block your opponent
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