Broken Starcraft 2 account Help

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First, No one telling me to get better or im a crappy player because I am not.

I have another account, My first account and It will not come out of bronze. I got this one to Diamond, but the other account will not get promoted. My current record is 27 wins in a row, Against bronze players to plat players.

It always jumps around too, One minutes ill play a plat player and beat them then my next match will be a bronze player who is just learning.

I know there are alot of people complain that bronze is broke or something like that but in my case it has to be. I mean 27 wins in a row, get real now that at least deserves silver. What the hell, What can i do to maybe fix it
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Hi XTimberLandX,

I understand your frustration but I can promise you that nothing is wrong with your account. I've taken a number of account given to me from bronze to diamond and am fairly certain I understand how the ranking system works.

First off, though not pertaining to you so much, your points are irrelevant. It is completely possible to be rank one gold and then get demoted! This is due to not only bonus pools but also the matchmaking system generating new points every game. That is to say even if you are losing more than you are winning then you can still have a net gain in points. This means players who play many games more than others can be ranked higher than them.

Second, and this is the one related to you, the ladder will only promote or demote an account if it has a balanced hidden rating. I have had more than one occasion where I was playing masters as a silver for fifty plus games. The fact that you still haven't been promoted even though you have played 27 means you still haven't reached your skill level. Once you start losing then your hidden rating will begin to balance. Then the system will recognize you are playing consistently against players of a different league and place you appropriately.

Just keep playing XTimberLandX and I assure you that account will be promoted in no time. If you really want to get promoted fast then for every one game you win make sure you lose a game.

TL;DR You can't get stuck in bronze. You can't get wrongly demoted.
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Thanks this actually helped alot, you are right I finally started to play diamond players and am losing more often now and my rank did go up. Now i know its not my account Its just that account was low low low bronze so i had along way to go to get to my skill. Thank you
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