Protoss Air Invincible!!!....

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I was 7 base vs Protoss 3 base, Corrupter, Infestor, etc.

Remaxed 3 times to Protoss air, still lost with Protoss max supply. This is so ridiculous O.O
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I'll say it first. Replay.
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Even Blizzard knows Skytoss is not in a good spot.

Zerg Ultralisks are completely ridiculous in certain situations. I'm not just a Zerg Fanboy. But Zerg anti-air is incredibly lacking.

Many people don't realize that hydralisks are a joke against toss air. Corrupters trade evenly at best. Even in WoL this is somewhat true (though HoTS Skytoss is much more powerful). People would use Infestors en masse and the infested terrans, when that (somewhat gimmicky) defense is your best anti-air, IMO, there's a problem, not necessarily with balance but with enjoyability. Now, we don't have that, as they don't want us using mass infestors and nerfed the infested terrans. Well, what are we supposed to do against air I ask?

I believe Blizzard is aware though.
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