I dont like clans and teaming

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so i love your games blizzard and i think that balancing is starting to work out real well its a great game but the problem is that if i play alone on a 2v2 ladder 9 times out of 10 im playing against 2 people playing together or a clan of some sort and then to top it all off you guys team me up with literally the worst players in the history of ever.. and i really cant seem to figure it out but what it boils down to in the end is that its not fun at all getting beaten time and time again and im not complaining that ohh i play perfect its always my ally.. i can even send you games to show you.. for instance the 2 games i played today both were against people playing together and the one game my ally went 6 pool into 1 base muta and then when that failed he went 1 base swarm host... while i killed over 150 units in the mean time.. then the next game my ally decided to go early oracle.. ok nice did some damage but then went one base tempest which is fine but he didnt make ANY other units not zealots i look at the stats at the end of the game and he had made 49 units in total.. that includes probes and no body in the game had less than 180 units not to mention he only killed about 18 which includes the oracle harass by the way he was gold and im in plat and my enemies were silver.. now normally i dont complain about this stuff cz it happens but this has happened consistently over the last 30 or so games and honestly while i love heart of the swarm it really makes the game NOT enjoyable at all and makes me have no desire to play.. so PLEASE PLEASE figure out a way to make the matchmaking set up a little more balanced for god sake the units are fine fix the way the server finds match ups... by the way the one game i won today my ally lagged out and i beat a team of 2.. so please please fix this
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I'd say play 1v1, but you probably enjoy being upset and blaming everyone else for your problems.
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it sounds like you're not playing this game right

this game is balanced around 1v1, not 2v2+

2v2, 3v3, 4v4 are all for fun with your friends, and not for any compeditive use

if you're not having fun solo queuing for 2v2, get a partner, or play 1v1, nothing else is wrong and blizzard does not "need" to fix it because that implies it was broken, which is it now

what blizzard needs is for community support of their product, not someone who misunderstands how the game actually works, so enjoy your 1v1 career
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