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does HotS have a leave league option?

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if it does im not getting it

cus im bronze and if a master or diamond player leaves their league to play with bronze players how am i suppose to rank up

smurfing is a big problem in WoL

i know its only a game but bronze is too low

my APM 120 i dont not spam

the only reason i cant go out of bronze is because every !@#$ing time i get to the top 8 players of my division feels like im vsing smurf accounts

marine splits stutterstep and when i look at the replay they have like 200 apm
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I don't think you have ever been at the top of your division though, your points are way too low and you barely play. You have 74 career games played, I don't see why you are expecting to be promoted with so few games played. Smurfs aren't the reason you are in bronze, you belong there for the time being.

And I have a hard time believing a mid bronze player has 120 apm.
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What TechNo said is very true. Regardless of your APM(It really does not matter for the purpose of the conversation) you will get promoted when you are good enough. Smurfs most likely make up such a small amount of the players you would ever face, so that is a bad excuse. Keep practicing and ask questions on the forum or get a friend to coach you if you need help.

Having an autopromote option destroys the whole point of league play. If you are close to being promoted(or you think) then you just need to play more games. The promotion system is based on MMR, so what you are suggesting Bubblepop would in some cases involve manipulating the MMR of a player, which again completely destroys the point of league play.
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MMR is a joke, blizzard has never released any info on how they determine your mmr because it makes no sense what so ever. People assume it works like WoW's arena, There is literally over 100's of different formulas people use thinking that it works in determining your mmr. The truth is the matchmaking system is incredibly flawed and rather then admit it they just hide how its determined.
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