Great logic, Blizzard. Great logic.

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Last season in both 1v1 and 2v2, I was mid-low platinum (mostly from not playing ladder at all), and I was matching up against around that same MMR at the time.

So, in my 1v1 placement match, I drone-rush a Protoss on Antiga Shipyard (A matchup I hate, and a map I despise, this was before they locked cross spawns... why the hell not?). I win. And I get demoted to Rock-bottom Gold.

In my 2v2 placement match, I tried to snipe one of my favorite streamers (NOT stream cheat, I don't go that far) that I happen to be a mod in their chat for, a masters cannon rusher doing 2v2's with a friend of his... me being a glutton for punishment and such :p

I wasn't able to snipe him, so I quit the placement match. My partner loses. And I get promoted to Diamond.

So, in 2 matchups where I have basically the same MMR, I get demoted when I win a game, and promoted when I lose a game. If I may ask, what the hell kind of logic is that?
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Last season in 1v1 you were low plat and lost more than you won. So you got demoted. Sounds right.

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And I get demoted to Rock-bottom Gold.

That doesn't make you low gold, points reset. Read up on how the ladder works before posting about it.

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I get demoted when I win a game, and promoted when I lose a game.

A placement match has no special weighting towards promotion. Find out how the ladders work.

It isn't hard for a gold/plat player to make diamond in team games.
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Sounds like we need more of the MaxBlack P song.

But yea, I'm sorry to hear that. MMR tends to do weird things sometimes.
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The only thing this shows, is how little of a grasp you have on where your MMR really is.
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