Intro Cinematic ruined by dumb Wilhelm Scream

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There's a few "canned screams" that get used a lot, and given all else goofy that goes on in Starcraft [aliens flapping their wings to fly in space] why not.
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You guys are taking this a bit out of control.

Is it really that important to you? Its only the Intro cinematic where you won't even see again unless you play through the campaign again. Is the Wilhelm scream overused? Yes. Is it that terrible? Not really, no. When I watched the Intro cinematic and I heard the scream, was I pulled out of any form of immersion when I heard it? No, not at all. I chuckled at it and continued to be amazed at the sheer awesomeness of the cinematic while still being immersed.

I guess that it does depend on the person though. Some it might bother and some it won't.
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It was a poor choice, but that one minor moment does not destroy the video. Overall, the video was well done and a joy to watch. Lets not focus on one branch in an entire forest.
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well isnt a big deal, and probably u are a bit ignorant in terms of movie making classics and shiits (thats cool btw no offense). Thinking in OP way, answer this question ....wasn't even Lucas Films (with a !@#$ing huge budget for SW) able to pay to an actor to customize that "dieing" or "falling" voice???

Well is a classic, and again as i said in other post, probably the staff that made this cinematic doesn't work directly for blizzard they might work for another company but blizzard hired them to do this production. It actually doesnt ruin anything that scream is a classic. In my opinion they should remove that since this is a game and not a movie, it doesnt fit.

Gamer community is very meticulous and can detect this "little" details that might ruin their experience, blizzard should notice of that earlier.
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People can literally record new voices themselves and edit them to look like cutscene-quality these days, given how advanced is the audio industry going. The idea of putting a scream sound that's overused for DECADES only denounces their laziness in finding some quality macho-screaming actor. And their greed, given the actor would want to charge the simple work.
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Yup, everything is super awesome until that lame scream. It's rather distracting. They don't even need to replace it, just remove it and the scene would be perfect.
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there is something in this forum you people don't QQ about??

Most normal human beings don't even notice it
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Stop QQing about everything for gods sake... people can be !@#$ing annoying sometimes.
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haha oh my gosh I didn't think so many people would agree with me. I'm so relieved...

Hopefully they'll just take the dumb soundbit out of the scene entirely upon release.

Of course, there is still damage than cannot me undone. I'm serious, hahaha. Ugh.
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blizzard games have always had subtle pop culture references, why be so emo over it.

this yell you hear in SC1 terran acadmey is also used in multiple movies
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The scream defenetley took me out as well.

I think the only reason we are nitpicking is because we don't want our thoughts of starcraft tainted.I know I like to think of starcraft as a serious and awesome universe (I know that makes little sense), but when they have awesome atmospheric trailers that focus on being as realistic/gritty as possible..why not go the whole 9 yards and keep it in that realm?
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It never presented itself as a totally serious universe even from the first game

maybe you don't remember the SC1 cinematics, the terran ones were always goofy.

so you guys are claiming an entire cinematic is ruined by 1 sound clip is being ridiculous yes
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02/08/2013 09:06 PMPosted by darkshade
maybe you don't remember the SC1 cinematics, the terran ones were always goofy.

There's a big difference. That Terran "goofiness" was original...the Wilhelm scream however, is an overused sound-effect heard from many other videos/movies. There's no doubt it was Blizzard trying to be cute, but for me, I only facepalmed at the fact that they even used the scream in the first place the moment I heard it.

Yes, it DOES ruin it for some people who wished for a more serious and gritty environment which is what the trailer gives off at first, but then tries to force a chuckle out of you with an overused voice-clip.
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It never presented itself as a totally serious universe even from the first game

maybe you don't remember the SC1 cinematics, the terran ones were always goofy.

Eh? How is it goofy? Funny because of the redneck accents, yes, but not goofy. The goofiest thing in there is "I love you Sarge," which quite frankly is an appropriate emotional response from someone who is about to get brutally eviscerated. It's pretty damn dark, and don't delude yourself into thinking that you or me would have said something "cool" or "badass" in their place.

I haven't watched the cinematic yet because I'm tired of having 2/3 of them spoiled before the game is even released, but I can see why people would get irritated at the contrasting tones. Personally I'm always way too amazed at the CGI to give that much of a damn, but this type of half-shod writing is present throughout all of SC2 i.e.

Dark Voice does something as epic as wiping out an entire race....then spouts a quote from A-team.

Tosh is brutally murdered...and then we get a stupid voodoo doll scene with Tychus. The writers said in an interview that they only put that in to "offset the darkness of the scene", almost as if they were afraid somebody would take them and their campaign too seriously.

The bottom line is that this story is made to be "accessible" to 9 year olds, and so we can't have any serious scenes without them getting brought back down to silly fun play land half the time.
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.. that's a scream? i thought it was some zerg noize
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...seriously? You people are complaining that a marine screaming as he gets stepped on by an Ultralisk ruined the cinematic for you?

"But it's a Wilhelm scream!"

Umm... so? I'd never heard of the Wilhelm scream until I saw an earlier post about it. It seemed to fit otherwise.

As for the poster whining about the Diablo tattoo; do you hate Pixar movies because the Pizza Planet truck exists in all of them? That Dyno Co gas is from Toy Story, yet shows up in Cars? That Boo gives Sully a Nemo doll?

The cinematic was amazing, guys. I'd think that if you have to nitpick THIS HARD about someone's work, you probably haven't produced much quality work of your own.
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Get over it

some of those sound effects sounded familiar too, NOW I HAET THIS!1
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01/26/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Goyathla
aliens flapping their wings to fly in space

Instinct not movement.
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I lol'ed when I heard it XD. But no it doesnt really dissapoint anyone, I barely even noticed it to tell you the truth and even if you did, it was meant as a joke.
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To be totally honest with you I didn't even notice it until you just now brought it up. It seemed like a pretty reasonable scream to me. Sure, Marines might be tough, but when you are about to be crushed in .2 seconds I don't think that projecting a manly scream would be high on the priority list.

People will complain about anything these days. It seems America's favorite pass time has become fake outrage.
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