Humanities Best, Part 2

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The Ship Lord laughs, drawing a second energy claw and continuing his approach. "You humans are so foolish, you should have accepted the Exalted Ones offer to join us!" He strikes again, this time in an X with his twin blades.

Edit-Why? It was a simple brain fart.
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OOC: Why?

IC: I slip in and out of consciousness for a few seconds, barely taking in my surroundings. All I knew was that my wounds hurt like hell. I saw what Eric was doing, and wanted to thank him, but it felt like the bullet had permanently taken my breath away. I passed out again, and stayed that way for a decent little while.
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Because it took you guys pointing it out for me to see it, which is kinda sad if you ask me.

I move back and allow a member of Musketeer squad to take over as they get us back from the front lines.
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"My people were never offered anything xeno." I say as I dodge his attack attempt to throw him off balance by trying to trip him.

OOC: Warhawk take it from me. Things like that happen all the time so don't feel to bad about it.
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True, I'm just a little tired and frustrated with HW issues. Anyway, G'night all.
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The Ship Lord recovers smoothly, kicking Jarlburg into a wall and ramming an energy claw into his shoulder to pin him there. "Lies! The Exalted Ones give the chance to all races!" Before he could reply, the Ship Lord broke Jarlburg's other arm and slammed his other energy claw into his mid gut(refer to Stephany's injury) before removing both and charging back into the battle.
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I cringe as I feel the searing heat from the energy claw pining me to the wall and hold back a small shout of pain as my other arm is broke. Before I could even do anything the Ship Lord slams his other blade into my gut. When he removes it I couldn't feel anything else but pain in the wound and I land on my knees and cough bringing up blood covering the HUD screen. I grab at my helmet to pull it off so I wasn't with out any visual capabilities. The helmet slides off with difficulty as I land on my side, my helmet rolling away, and I grab as where the wound is with my left arm. I attempt to gasp for air as I bring my hand up towards my face looking at my own blood coating my armor. Horror comes across my face as I realize that I was losing blood rapidly and I try to clamber back onto my feet but my body wasn't complying. I had lost and now dishonored myself for not even wounding my opponent and now I was more than likely going to die.
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As Jarlburg looses consciousness, he can see Jarvis and Hanna run over to him, Hanna's gatling gun dealing death to nearby Magnus troops. Jarvis kneeled next to Jarlburg, pulling out the emergency medical equipment he had on him to try and stabilize the bleeding, all the while calling for a medic. Hanna eventually turned to Jarlburg, and as he slowly passed out, he could hear Hanna saying to stay with them.
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I find the Arbiter, my expression changing to a twisted smile. I fire at his head twice, his shields easily blocking the bullets. "Hello f*cktard." I yell across the bridge at him. Several Safrilians approach me and I quickly draw my Energy Claw and Combat knife. As they get close through the battle one charges at me, his Energy Claw level with my neck. I duck down and come up, my Energy Claw coming up into his gut, the Safrilian lets out a yell of rage and I slam my knife into the top of his head. I kick him away and duck under the strikes of the two other Safrilians. I come around the back of one of them and smash my Energy Claw into his gut and pull up, my blade cutting through him like a knife through better. I look at the last one, challenging him and he accepts, charging at me with his blade held high, ready to strike. He strikes downward, attempting to cut through my head and I roll out of the way. We stare at each other, walking in a circle. He charges forward and I sidestep. I slam my combat knife into his head and throw him into a group Paululus who were fighting, causing them to run in fear. I yell at the Arbiter, "Face me like a true warrior! Or are you just a figure head?" He growls in response and as more warriors attempt to come at me he stops them and approaches me himself.
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I start to fade back into consciousness and feel as though someone is dragging me through the corridors of the ship. I gasp for air as I try to speak to who ever is dragging me to no avail.
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As they began to spread out more, engaging their chosen enemies, I step out from the doorway, firing on the Paululus to keep them from overwhelming people. A Safrilian moves to engage me, his blade shimmering as he lashes out at me. I duck firing a shot into his gut, not taking out his shields but doing what I needed it to do: Wear the shields down. He swings downward, and I roll to the left, narrowly avoiding the blade and I fire again into his head. Lightning quick, he turns at me and lashes out, cutting the rifle in half and nearly hitting me. I draw my pistol and shoot him in the head twice rapidly, killing him. I pick up his blade, knowing I had some training with this thing, and turn to engage another Safrilian.
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Faster than I could react the Arbiter lashes out with a kick hitting me square in the gut. I stumble back and deflect his Energy Claw. I quickly move under his next attack and attempt to gut him only to be kneed in the face. I fall back and quickly recover. He lunges and slashes at me, his attack only barely missing. I move over to the corpses of the previous Safrilian warriors and take one of their Energy Claws, as well as a Plasma Charge. I move away as he strikes at me again. I throw the Plasma Charge at him, but to no avail. He had simply flicked it away using his Energy Claw into a group of Heavy Gladiators, injuring them greatly. He continued pushing me back, and soon enough my back was to the blast door. Shadowfax, get that thing open so I can get some more flexibility./u]

You mean run away? Shadowfax replies.

[u]Don't give me the attitude and get the blast door open!
I respond to him. I block the Arbiter's next chop with on of the Energy Claw and stab at his gut with my other one. He grabs my hand as I thrust it and pulls me around and throws me into a wall.
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After a slightly drawn out battle with the Juvalin and suffering a light slash to my left leg I finally remove its head from its shoulders. I move on to a Safrilion that I spar with for a moment before getting behind it and cleaving it in half along its spine.

OOC: is it ok if they have some form of artillery or heavy cannon on the bridge? it can be removed from play shortly after I make use of it unless someone else wants to use it for their required injuries.
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Surely you jest. An Artillery or Heavy Cannon in the bridge, where their leader and most of the controls are? I believe the general order was no Explosives or EMP in the Bridge, as it ran the risk of blowing up something important.
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ok maybe not that big more like a large energy gun ... not a banshee ... sigh ... be back in a few dinner.

EDIT: back ... I guess I'll do that idea at some other point in time then ...
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I wake up, still dizzy from the blood loss, a little ways from the battle. I try to remember what happened, though the pain is still intense.

"What the hell happened?" I ask a Musketeer who was nearby.
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I let out a yell of pain as my back impacts against the hard wall. I get up and get back into a battle stance, both Energy Claws activated. The Arbiter laughs and slowly approaches me. "You should've left when you had the chance, filth." He thrusts his Claw at me and I hit it with my own, instead of stabbing into my heart it slices across my left side, straight through my armor and about half a centimeter into my skin. I roar and attempt to return an attack, but he blocks it with ease and pins me against the wall with his foot and disarms me of the Energy Blade. I try to move the foot, but he was too strong. I pull out my knife and stab it into his leg and pull it out. He pulls back in surprise, the blade had gone through his armor and only a small amount into his flesh. He slashes at me again and I sidestep and attempt to stab his arm but he swing his arm to the side knocking me back a little. He slashes again and cuts into my gut. I move back, I was losing blood.

I roll out of the way of his next strike and grab a nearby Energy Blaster. I fire it at him several times, hoping to do something, but his armor was barely effected. I throw it away and get up and move away. Shadowfax started scanning across the floor for weapons, it was littered with Energy Blasters and Scoprion's, nothing powerful enough to penetrate his armor. I hear him laughing as he follows. I was stumbling across the dead bodies of the Paululus.
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There can be one heavy weapon, but please be away from the important stuff, alright, Morph?

SF, tell me when Roslin needs to interfere to avoid your death, if you don't already have a plan. As for posting more on Roslin, I'll DM until the right moment. Roslin will be getting put out of action for a bit.

IC: He bends down and double checks the wounds. "You took two Banshee rounds to the right shoulder and your mid gut. Lucky it wasn't a lung."
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I shake my head.

"Battle still goin'?" I ask with curiosity.
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"Yeah, but we may be pulling Captain Winterfield out at the rate his fight's going. Your buddy Jarlburg is in pretty bad shape too, having fought the Ship Lord. Man, this is not a good day."
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