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Streaming - HOTS ladder time!

Finally decided to stream a few ladder games. Come watch and tell me how to play HOTS as I try and figure it out.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Will do analysis/coaching for lower level players if anyone wants.
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swag yolo
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I'm sooo bad XD
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Don't worry at least you still win, I always end up losing in PvZ
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Streaming in about 15 minutes. Possibly gonna play some zerg/terran too at one point since I get a portrait if I get to level 5.

Last night of beta so here's the last of the practice till launch the 12th!


Ok starting up again. Getting some zerg/terran on
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Thanks for streaming, I'll watch for a bit.

Edit: yeah, that baneling bust showed why I prefer to wall with the pylon and zealot next to each other. That way, you only have one super vulnerable place that can be forcefielded or defended easier. Takes the same number of buildings, too.
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I'ma join you bro. I'll tune in! :)
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Would join you but I'm making one more push for Diamond before HotS. Rank 1 plat is just not satisfying anymore :(
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02/28/2013 09:38 PMPosted by BlackAdder
Would join you but I'm making one more push for Diamond before HotS. Rank 1 plat is just not satisfying anymore :(

Well thanks for watching and good luck. 12 Days till HOTS and no more beta. Guess it'll be time to try and break masters in 2 weeks time. :D
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Thanks bro ♥

I played some, and I intend to play more till the Beta shuts down completely (but, for now going to bed for a little).
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Starting up the stream again now that I've got time to try some HOTS ladder. Currently in gold from my placement matches so lets see how long it takes to climb the ranks again.
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