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Error 503, ACCOUNT LOCKED????

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My alternate account has been frozen after getting Error 503 a few too many times. I've had to dig through my files just to find internet explorer just to get to my account info on this account. My alternate account which does not have an authenticator, and is the one on which I preordered HotS, has been frozen for "suspicious activity". I guess your web team implemented a "feature" where error 503 "too many attempts ERROR 503" throws up a red flag and locks the account for suspicious activity. This seems like a great idea, problem is, THE LOCKED ACCOUNT WAS 3 DAYS OLD. There's no possible way any hacker actually figured out my email that was also made 3 days ago. Blizzard support line is completely full (I bet others are having this issue), so I've resorted to venting on these forums.

Whatever bug is causing your website to loop people to "too many attempts 503" is causing people to be locked for suspicious activity. Simply unnacceptable.

I'm terrified to mess with my account settings as your system apparently has a loop of red flags that locks customers out when they try to access their own account information. Since the account on which I pre-ordered HotS was only just made, I can't use SMS protect or an authenticator to prove I'm legitimate, and even on this account I still keep getting looped back to ol' 503 503 503 503.

Would appreciate a blue response on this.

TL;DR's autolock security feature (Error 503) creates a false red flag any time you try to access account settings, on any browser other than IE8.

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I'm getting error 503 too, with THIS account...
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Still having this issue after the "maintanence". Cleared all cookies, still the same result on Firefox and Chrome.

I moseyed over to the WoW forums (was unable to post as I do not own the game) and found this topic

I'm going to quote one of the blue posts from page 6 from "Vrakthris"

"That is assuming that the error folks have been getting has to do with preventative measures, Ziggirott. It is not. Folks should be receiving this message unless they have actually made multiple unsuccessful attempts at logging in, which the majority have not."

I don't think this is correct, because my account was locked for suspicious activity after running into this 503 error many times.
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Just to note, I can still log in from any browser but going to account settings on Chrome/Firefox will still bring up error 503 no matter how many cookies I eat or caches I burn.
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Issue is now seems to be resolved, and I can log in and access my account info from any browser.
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it happened a bit today too...
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