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I think Unranked should have some if not all of the following match making options:

1. Search for players of equal skill
(same as your Ranked mmr)

2. Search for players in specific league that you choose
(mostly only needed if dont have separate mmrs for each race which apparently there might be yay!)

3. Allowed to pick specific maps you want to play on
(pick from 1 map to all maps up to u)

4. Allowed to pick which match ups you want to play
(example: play only PvT or if random race maybe only play non mirror match ups)

5. Give estimate of how much longer searching time will be with the added parameters to the search so some options you may adjust to lower search time

6. Rematch/ Best of 3 option
(after an unranked match is complete have the option available on screen to challenge the opponent to a rematch or best of 3 or greater if you lost the match, winner of match has option to decline or accept the challenge; mostly just to speed up search time for players and for fun)

(Oh and also don't overlap ranked and unranked people. If I am playing unranked I am either
a) practising new builds
b) playing off races
c) messing around for fun
so if opponent gets full mmr win credit for that its kinda silly [this might also be getting done already according to feedback])

Also well we are on an adjacent topic please make separate mmr for each race I think its really bad for the match making system to search with same mmr for each race cause you cant be equally skilled for each race so why search as if it was the case? [according to feedback this might already be happening which is great news for me cause i play every race!]

Discuss. Like + reply if you like these ideas. Let blizzard know what we want or they will just assume they know what we want.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: added #6 idea, edited #2 and #3 ideas to be more clear, added disclaimer points on ideas that apparently might already being implemented by blizzard such as separate mmrs for each race which is great news

[also let me know if there are any ideas that are already being implemented by blizzard stated above as well as good customization options i have overlooked]
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I completely agree with everything being said above, there is no reason for starcraft to be so serious. It literally NEEDS to lighten up to make it enjoyable, for the ladder to be the most efficient system for finding a match, it's way too stressful. A "break" system, something where you would meet players on viable maps on a consistent basis when you don't feel like competing in general match-ups and you feel like playing PvT or ZvT for an hour or so, uninterrupted.

Why is there even a custom system anyway??? There are only 4 maps anyone plays. This is the biggest change I'm looking forward to, cuz its a piece of dirt. Not to mention how inefficient it is... I don't even have to explain that.

If this system was implemented I would NOT play ladder. This is everything I want out of a solid race vs race match-up, nobody breathing down your neck. No status, just organic fun without all the attributes (league/division/rank/achievements) to your profile. Playing only for yourself and not for a shiny star.... I can't just chill and play cuz I feel that my flamboyant profile is just so luminous over everything I do inside Battle.Net.

Should I even have faith in Blizzard to execute a great system that is true to casualists? I'll hold off on hots until I see such a system implemented.

P.S link to original post?
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What will prevent diamonds, for example, from going to Bronze and smurfing? Just a question. I don't want masters players smiting my poor platinum skills.
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I think that this is a smart suggestion. I hope they think about it.

@ProbeIke with the global feature comming soon there will be a LOT of kr and euros high ladder players smurfing in Americas, so better get used to it. Remember that u will have a different ladder in every region. What will do several people (i hope they dont) is just lost all 5 placement matches get into bronze and troll in all lower tier ladders for fun (yeah i think is fun), anyway they are off their main region so dont care about w/r but mmr.
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