Why SC2 isn't plagued with hate like Diablo 3

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Like the forums I mean.

Isn't it the same company who designed both games?

When you browse SC2 forums there is nowhere near the insanity you find on Diablo 3's forum.

Atleast 80% of threads on Diablo 3 forums are troll threads and cursing the devs and blizzard day in and day out. lol

BTW someone who claimed to be a pro in SC2 told me that SC2 is a big disappointment to him due to the game being dumbed down for noobs and casual players.

And that its nothing compared to how awesome SC1 was. And it does not have the same magic that SC1 has.

Admittedly he is the only person I ever heard complained about SC2

I am currently on the starter edition trying my best to learn this game before I buy it so I won't waste my money but wow is RTS a hard genre I can't see how anyone can say this game is for noobs.
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Oh, believe me: StarCraft II has plenty of haters.

It's just that SC2 has been around longer, so its community had more time to calm down. It also helps that the game doesn't have much competition, which means no viral marketers.
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I'm sure one reason for the difference is that SC2 won't kick you out of your singleplayer game if you lose your connection to the servers for even an instant.

Another reason I think, is that a majority of the most active forum users (fanboys) seem to have never played an RTS that wasn't made by Blizzard, so they just don't realize how much better this game could be.
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You're friend isn't the only one complaining about sc2. It isn't as big as sc1. Blizzard would hopefully fix this in hots and satisfy the community better. I don't remember what the exact points were but people believed wol had flaws that prevented it from becoming bigger that it could be.
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More accessible to newbs... that's a misleading perspective. More-so, the game engine has simply upgraded.

"Dumb Downed" changes:
- You can select multiple buildings
- You can set 96 units into a single hotkey (oppose to just 12). Hotkeys are now included and seen in the UI.
- In the HoTs expansion, workers will automatically mine when the round starts
- Maybe... SC1 has more interesting game-play balance, but that could be perspective (and nostalgia).

See? Not big stuff. The "made for casuals" statement can be discarded.

For years upon years, Blizzard is been regarded as a highly respectable company, making only the highest quality games. While it's true there are some deserved complaints, Blizzard is mostly suffering from a double edged sword - fanboys give too much expectations.

SC2 does still have a lot of amazing potential - - - which hasn't been immediately delivered. Yet, StarCraft is still worth the cost. If you don't like the core-mode of the game, you might still like the Arcade system - where you can play custom games.
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01/30/2013 07:31 PMPosted by Kismet
- Maybe... SC1 has more interesting game-play balance, but that could be perspective (and nostalgia).

SC1 needed patch 1.08 and an expansion to shine.
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01/30/2013 07:31 PMPosted by Kismet
- You can set 96 units into a single hotkey (oppose to just 12). Hotkeys are now included and seen in the UI.

Last I checked, the limit was 255.
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SC2 doesnt get the hate that Diablo III does because SC2 doesn't deserve it. I think SC2 is a worthy successor to original starcraft, and HotS looks like it's on track to continue the tradition.

Diablo III wasn't horrible but it was a big step back for the franchise.
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