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Against bio terran, my winrate is extremely high, but as soon as I face a decent meching terran I have absolutely no idea what to do. If they have a good balance of Thor/Tank/Hellion + some Ravens, I can see absolutely no unit composition that can stand any chance of winning an engagement, let alone trading efficiently.

Large amount of Thors and the Ravens count out all air units, Hellions count out lings, Tanks count out banelings and roaches. I feel like Ultras might work vs this kind of balance, but actually getting to ultras with the insane production and constant pressure of a decent meching terran feels impossible.

Any advice? Do I just need to try and allin to win before the terran can reach a decent sized army? I'm at a complete loss here.
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Good map control in the early to mid game. Keep your workers safe from hellions and expand. You want to have at least 4 bases before his army starts to get scary, and maybe 1-2 extra hatcheries for larvae. Always count your drones and make sure you are mining heavily is possible. I tend to forget a round of drones or send too many on gas and my mineral income drops.
Keep your upgrades on time and get to Broodlord/infestor. I like to use roaches to defend the expansions.
Obviously keep your injects going when under pressure. Never sacrifice a round of injects of 6 hatcheries for some meaningless micro.

[edit] When upgrading make sure to get a third evo chamber when you can afford and get melee damage. When at hive, get zergling attack speed. Terran is almost completely helpless against zergling runbys in the late game because of forward army positioning. This is why a larvae bank is so important.
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Here's a good mech guide:
(Open the spoiler that says mech)

Or here's a good vod of Life playing against mech:

But basically mechvZ flows very differently than biovZ. You're ultimate goal is to get to broodlords though; broodlords destroy mech. Bring queens to transfure the broodlords (otherwise thors are ok against them), and don't clump them so ravens can't kill them.
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I struggle a lot vs mech in the lategame as well, so I've what I've been doing is making scouting a priority so I can see the second factory as soon as possible. If I scout mech I go into hyper aggro mode and end the game ASAP. Usually i'll do this with a two base roach bane push before the tank count gets too high, or a 3 base roach drop play.

I find unless he has a good number of banshees he's going to struggle to hold either attack. If you go this route though you have to scout early, react quickly and pick off tanks every time you attack.
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make it your #1 rule that vs mech, you can pretty much take an extra base, and also drone like a madman.

you want to be able to remax as soon as possible vs any mech player.
i actually got that advice on these very forums, and it improved my winrate vs mech significantly.

unfortunately, in WoL, there's really only one very reliable way of fighting mech - broodlord/infestor. some will argue that ultralisks do well as well, but it's not as reliable at all. especially against thor heavy compositions. (broodlings mess with the thor ai, so you can kill them a lot easier, wheras ultras just have to tank the damage :\)
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make it your #1 rule that vs mech, you can pretty much take an extra base, and also drone like a madman.

you want to be able to remax as soon as possible vs any mech player.
i actually got that advice on these very forums, and it improved my winrate vs mech significantly.
This. If you scout a meching Terran, we will be harassing you with Hellion/Banshee instead of trying to kill you. Our goal is to reach a 200/200 deathball with 3/3 upgrades, so the more time we have, the better. We're going to be playing ultra conservatively and throw up more defenses than we need.

You can try to rush and kill us, but we can pull SCVs to repair all of our buildings and units, so from the Terran perspective I recommend you macro hard instead. Take an extra base, throw up some Spine Crawlers/Spore Crawlers in your mineral line, get some extra Queens and start spreading creep across the map.

Ultralisks vs. mech are a waste of money, don't even consider them. Siege Tanks do extra to armored, Thors do a lot of damage, and Banshees can attack the Ultralisks without taking damage. You primarily want Roach/Infestor/Corruptor/Brood Lord, although I've seen some high Master Zerg players throw Hydralisks into the mix too. Experiment and find out what works best for you.

Another alternative is to load up a bunch of Overlords with Roaches, and do a Roach drop in our base after we move out to kill you. However, this tends to turn into a base trade scenario, and we can lift off our buildings before your Roaches can kill them. Not recommended unless you can catch us off-guard.

Good luck Mug!
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