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Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 19)

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Many times in recent memory.

Edit-Drac has asked that I inform you he's unable to post for a bit. I will be his messenger.
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Double post yes, but there's a good song behind it.

Listen to the meaning behind this song.
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Nice, I have to agree. The need for immediate gratification that my generation has... Oy vey. Nor am I free from it myself.
...gotta go check MSPaintAdventures for a Homestuck update...

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You shall deal. Just use Youtube. It's fun.
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True, but Andrew Hussie can only make Homestuck pages so fast. I really wish he would just change to updating once a week, instead of whenever.
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Who in their...nevermind, I don't wanna know. Still, use Youtube. Or I could link you to LFG.
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What? Who in their right mind would do what?

And what's LFG?
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I'll just link you to the first page.

You will quickly come to love Richard.
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...Damnit. Thanks for another addiction.
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Don't feel bad, I'm hooked too.
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Meh, it's okay.
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Can't... stop... reading...

DAMNIT ZARKUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard is just too awesome...
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Lol, you read up to the latest page yet? Where are you?
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Page 132...

How much more?

I've got an essay to write.
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Up to page 641.
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Posts: 27,084
I've read them all too, but I'm rereading right now.
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And I've got an essay to write.
Posts: 27,084
Captain of The Father's Bones- "Why are there two cats on fire running around my deck?"

Richard Warlick- "I thought it might help combat the recent "burning rat" problem. You are most welcome."
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only on 51..... when i saw that it had so many pages.... I said "SCREW THIS!!! I'M GONNA GO PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!"

-5 Seconds Later-

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