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Hots - Ghost Hotkey Priority Messing me Up

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If a ghost is in my group of marines and marauders. I cant stim. I press the stim hotkey, but the game will only register ghost hotkeys. Its really messing my micro up, as in the heat of battle its really easy to accidentally select a ghost and become unable to kite. u could easily micro ghosts before hots patch since the hot key priority wasnt for ghosts, it was for stim.

i thought ravens were hotkey priority b4 the Hots patch, i didnt mind that since raven was for mech anyway.

Is there anyway to fix this?
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Higher tech units = higher priority. Put ghosts in their own hotkey like P has to do with high templars.
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01/27/2013 03:36 PMPosted by Rishloo
Put ghosts in their own hotkey like P has to do with high templars.

Seriously, use multiple hotkeys. Ghosts should be forward of your army or flanking anyway to EMP/snipe the HTs before storms go off anyway.
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also, you can press Tab to switch through units and their abilities
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If you insist on only using one hotkey than just tab through, but you will play a lot better with multiple hotkeys.
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Make a separate hotkey for your ghosts and another for the rest of your army, then make your ghosts follow a marauder or something so you only have to select them to use their abilities or position them better.

It is annoying, but it happens to protoss as well :S
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One thing I found helpful was to change my raven auto-turret hotkey from T to V. So now when I press T and I have a raven in the midst, I can at least kite my unstimmed MMM instead of it asking where to place my turret and screwing me up.
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